For the record, and because I cannot seem to let a post go by without mentioning something health, diet, or fitness related, forget the whole “buns of steel” thing. After 2 days of working out with my mini bands, I have buns of mush. Seriously, my legs and especially my glutes feel smushy and worked like I have been doing nothing for them the last several months. But I still foresee a long slog with the glute bridges, most of them. The one with the ball squeeze between the knees was better. Whether it’s because it’s different or because it was the last in the series is up for debate, but finally, I felt like the light came on with it and how the glute squeeze, abs tight, pelvis sort of tilted are all supposed to work. I am still not doing great with that information and epiphany – mind seems to be catching up and getting it, yet body is still negotiating complete cooperation – but at least something finally went clink in the coin bank about them. I call that progress.

Anyway, onward to the other matters.

While I was at the gym this morning, an email from my second-longest client arrived offering me a consulting role with his firm. I have been working for him and managing his personal financial matters for several years, but my skill set tends to fit tasks he wants/or needs to fill in his business as well. Thus far when asked it’s worked out well for both of us, and now  he wants to formalize terms for a standing corporate relationship as well.

I’m extremely flattered that he has this much confidence in me, and the opportunity is intriguing. It is contract work, separate contract work, and I told him I would have to discuss it with M, review the rest of my commitments, and figure out if I could actually do this without burning myself out with work.

For the most part, I like my jobs and the flexibility that comes with a part-time gig and self-employment. I love, Love, LOVE the associates at my part-time job, and the bosses there are completely fine with how I schedule and manage the hours. All my work is getting done in the allotted time, plus I am always happy to pitch in when needed with other tasks. It is kind of odd, but my priorities are not about children/family balance so much as time for health and fitness concerns. Training twice a week, practices every morning before work important to me and not things I am prepared to compromise on in favor of working more to make more money. Because I have determined that 5:30 is my optimum gym arrival time to overcome this “I am slacking” feeling, it also limits how late I am willing to stay up for work-work. Balance is elusive in some things, but with work and life and my time I seem to be doing pretty well managing it.

I have several tiny little clients I do books for once a month, many of whom I have picked up since deciding to pursue self-employment. A few I absolutely want to keep, but there are also a few that are so small it is almost more nuisance to try and move them somewhere else. I have a 2 larger seasonal jobs that pick up in May and fade at the end of October, but I also have some ideas of how to juggle and cover those.

M feels taking the consultancy would be a good move for me, because it is guaranteed hours, special projects (versus becoming part of a corporation), and work I actually enjoy. If I do not accept any other little clients, I should be able to cover my current workload and any special project work that comes up. If and when I get to the point of being/feeling overloaded, I could start cutting at that point.

So probably I am going to agree to it. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and appreciated. But I may wait until Friday to sign the agreement, just to be sure.

And the sun is shining once more, inside and out. Outside, while I know we desperately need the rain, I like it so much better when it’s sunny and bright yet not miserably hot yet.

On the insides, I am doing really well, feeling happy and upbeat. Gym stuff is resolving, although gloomiest parts of me feels as if I may be doing some version of glute bridges daily until I turn 95. Yes, I know – me and my first world problems. Eating and my “eat more protein” is proceeding with lots of chicken, eggs, protein powders, and maybe even a burger sometime soon. We have vegan friends in town for a weekend of running, and perhaps there will be some new recipes and foods to be discovered. There is a casual vegan restaurant I have heard about for years yet never visited, but perhaps this weekend we will make the pilgrimage.

I also have a visit with TM this afternoon, which will be beneficial and I am eagerly anticipating seeing him even if I do not feel desperate to chat about the why I transform into this wimpy woman and allow negative girl to have free reign. Still, I like it when sunshine floods my system even in the worst weather outside, so I do notice when my outlook is grim and feel it while pursuing my daily activities. Life is simpler when I can be feel good and happy no matter what else is trying to impinge upon me.

Even with the more dour times I have endured of late, I feel pretty pleased with myself for not losing my grip completely. Work gone done. Chores were completed. Exercise got accomplished. Even meals for the week were planned. Girl Scout cookies were not purchased and consumed in one sitting, although I did give donations to every stand I passed without taking their cookies. Ugh. M and I completely understand our limitations, and being alone with a box of cookies is not a positive health situation for either of us.

While it’s only Tuesday, it’s a going to be a great week. I predecided last week and cannot change my mind now.

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