The sun was out today, but breezy and windy. At my meeting with the RD today I came armed with a packet of kleenex and hopes that my allergy medications would not run out of time during my appointment. Nothing worse than sitting across the desk from someone sneezing and having to blow my nose every couple of minutes.

So visit with RD today went well. I came armed with a pretty dull list of meals I ate for most of the last 2 weeks. He was overjoyed! Still not weighing, measuring, getting on a scale or wrangling with tape measures, but at least I wrote down most of my meals. Then again, when you eat pretty much the same thing day after day, it’s fairly easy to simply cut and paste.

Final verdict: much improved on the protein. Yay me! But … and again, there is always a “but” or a “however” in these things … he would like it very much if I went to leaner protein sources. Le sigh. It’s always something.

Overall, though, he thinks I am on a good track if I can continue to eat at this sort of healthier pace. He would still like to see a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, but since I am such a picky eater he is pleased that I’m at least putting forth some effort to expand my vegetable and protein sources. Doing fine on my fruit consumption – it’s not too much – and my blood sugar is stable. Improved dramatically on my carb consumption and eating less processed food. Overall, my progress is good.

I did ask him about why cilantro tastes like soap to me, and he says that about 10% of the population has the same proclivity and tastebuds. According to science and the research, there is a specific DNA strand that makes this so for us. It’s unfortunate that I hate this particular spice so passionately, because my husband is absolutely ga-ga over the stuff. But oh well. Perhaps we will have a lot more years together so he can tell me, again and again and again, how he does not know how I can feel like something so delish tastes like soap. It’s apparently in my DNA.

With RD, at this point we are at the end of our road together for now. I am off medications and stable right now. I seem to have learned some sustainable eating habits. The fact that I am listening to him and following his suggestions makes his job easier, and there is no need for further meetings until after my next labs and appointment with the doc next month. So we scheduled for 6 weeks, although he is just an email away if I have a question or need help.

It makes me a little sad. As much as a PITA he has been, RD is a good guy, takes his job seriously and educated and taught me a lot about better ways of eating and improving my overall health. Now if I want to get on the weight loss track, he has plans and programs for me to follow. I am not interested in pursuing that path right now, and he knows that, having heard me loudly and clearly at each of our appointments.

So I am not going vegan or even vegetarian anytime soon. I plan to continue with my eat more protein program. I am contemplating ways and his suggestions to trim more fat from my diet. I eat more vegetables, and I am trying to expand my food choices. But still not planning to start eating salmon or other fish. There are other vegetables out there – still no kale, though. Or maybe I just continue on the path I am presently pursuing.

I sort of feel as if I have been fired as a client, but I recognize the silliness of that thinking.  I have gotten kind of attached, and I can always email with questions or make an earlier appointment to meet if needed. He’d still like it if I tracked my food portions and nutrients, but he is also aware that I can barely keep it together to write down what I am consuming for just 2 weeks. And psychologically, I am not ready or interested in entering a diet program, or their weight management program as it is characterized. I have no idea what the future holds, though, and I might choose to pursue that option at some point.

Our conversation drifted today to my training and practices … and weight lifting competitions. RD is a very fit and muscle-y kind of guy and competed at one point, but not currently. I cannot imagine anything more horrific than the idea of entering a weight training show or any sort – the training, the discipline, the very strict dietary guidelines. Blech. Good health has been and continues to be first and foremost in my mind. I eat more protein. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables. I go to the gym and train with J. I practice on my own. I am trying really hard to be consistent with my basic better food choices and consistent exercise habits. I believe right now that is all I can ask of me.

Next appointment is first week in May, and I wonder how things will be in my eating life at that time. I seriously doubt I will be much further down the traditional “goals” path than I am right now, but I will keep an open mind on the topic.

In the present where I live my days, my diet and my eating habits are improving. My overall health is improving. I cannot and will not ask for any better results.

It has been a really good day.


4 thoughts on “Food – I’m on a good track

  1. Kale – just say no. And you have abandoned your dream of a gold bikini and spray tan? 😉
    Sounds like you made lots of sustainable progress – a total win. And you aren’t fired – you’re just less supervised! You have made such great progress in all areas – awesome!

    1. I have no idea how kale became so much a thing. One of my readers/commenters said that if you let it grow and mature it has a better flavor, but everything we can get commercially is not yet ready to eat, hence its bitterness. I am having to take it on faith. 🙂
      Love that I am being “less supervised” by RD. I think I have become kind of attached, and since I did not think we were nearing our termination point, it felt a bit like rejection. Oh Kaiser and their mysterious ways.

  2. I am in total agreement with you on what you have (and continue to do) accomplished. At this point I see all this dietary stuff as way over the top in terms of where you are and what you need to do. Geezus … I think what you are doing is already miraculous

    1. Thanks, Marty. I am having attachment issues – I kind of like having a regularly scheduled appointment to go over stuff and then they suddenly stop. He’s such a nice guy, fun to chat with and learn from, and I’ll miss that. Heaven help me when trainer J moves on to bigger, better things and I’m left on my own at the gym. I’ll probably have to change gyms to get over it.

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