Lots of little things that have been pinging and ponging around in my head. Nothing critical or weighty or even particularly important. Merely things I have been doing and felt the need to share with the rest of you. My theory is that if I fail to write it down here it will ultimately poison my already overstuffed and kind of crazy brain.

Optical heart rate sensor strap. For his birthday back in January, friend J got M an optical heart rate strap to replace his chest strap. This one can be affixed to the forearm or the wrist and should pair with his fancy-smancy running watch.

Except it has been sitting since the first of the year. M has not made time or mustered interest to test drive it, so I paired it with an app on my phone, and took it out for a spin at the gym the last couple of days. Seems to work fine. No idea about it’s accuracy, but it does get annoying on my forearm for a lot of the stuff I do (or have been doing) this week. Tomorrow I will be back to my normal judgmental heart rate monitor set-up, because while I am not crazy for the chest strap, after 2 days with the little optical flasher strapped to my forearm I am realizing the chest strap is not that bad. Left to my own devices I probably would have abandoned it long ago, but M worries and wants me to check if I feel weird at the gym. So I suck it up and have gotten myself into the habit of turning in on and off for him; there are far worse burdens to bear for his peace of mind.

For M, the optical sensor probably makes sense. Now if he will just sit himself down and patiently pair and figure out how it works with his Suunto. I do not blame him for being reluctant to introduce something new. At least once a week there is much yelling and swearing because the watch is doing something disagreeable after a run.

Shopping and hair – blow dryer stand. On a less fancy gadget scale, last week at lunch we were talking hair at work and one of the gals recommended I try a blow dryer stand for drying my hair. I had never heard of such a thing and went to Amazon in search of what she uses and ordered one up for me. It arrived on Saturday, and while it seems cheesy and flimsy in construction, for $13 I was not going to complain too much.

OMG, that thing has changed my life! I assembled it, strapped my blow dryer into it, and let it rip. Not having to hold the dryer in one hand and a brush in the other made such a difference. My hair also dried faster, because with an extra hand to sort of lift the hair to let the air flow through made a huge difference. Plus that shoulder/arm fatigue that comes from waving the dryer around overhead is not to be under estimated. Love my new gadget. If it ever breaks I will  likely look at others that are perhaps better engineered or manufactured, but for now, this little cheap thing is getting the job done.

Chop off all my hair urges. And speaking of hair, I am having the urge to cut mine all off. No unusual relationship happenings at home – marriage is fine, no new smothering M impulses have surfaced – but I feel the pull toward a new do and shorter hair. Except I really cannot go there right now. G is getting married in September, and last thing I want is experimental hair turning into life-altering disaster hair to be memorialized in wedding photos. And short hair, while convenience in many ways, is not so much for me, with the gym and such. Unless I shave it all off or crop it short, at which time I will have to invest in an assortment of sock hats if the men in my orbit are any indication. Having as much hair as I possess and at it’s present length, I cannot recall my head feeling cold, and when I wear hats it seems more for fashion than for chil. Shorter length (between present past shoulders and potential boy-short crop) means fewer options for getting it off my neck and out of my face during training and practices. Probably I will have the same length hair forever and ever, because ponytails are my friend when it comes to the gym.

Dry shampoo adventures continue. I apparently have a lot of pent-up hair discussion in me – my ongoing adventure with dry shampoo continues. I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes it seems to work better than others. When it works well I am using the just right amount, I think. Too much and I have talcum powder-like dandruff and always wear a light colored top or dress just in case it sheds. Too little and I have this lank hair that inspires dream of updos or nicely shaped head so I could rock a bare scalp. That or a hat being appropriate to wear in my office environment. The darker side of daily gym visits – sweat head and longer hair.

Shopping until I drop, except I have been working out and have more endurance … for shopping. Then there is the shopping. OMG – I have lost my mind and am spending money with wild abandon. Only, not really, because I rarely impulsively spend on things. I have been hoarding my mad money for a few months now and on an M-free Sunday at the mall visited all the places where I prefer to go without him. You know, handbag departments and cosmetic counters. Seriously, I do not personally know a woman who wants her spouse or significant other to know how much she spends on a handbag, hair products, or moisturizer. M never hassles me about money I spend on stuff for me, but the eye-roll is still irritating sometimes. Because I feel a little guilty spending higher dollar amounts on a tote to carry my day-to-day crap that I am sure I cannot live without or a bottle of face goo, but I do suck it up and get over it quickly … then just ensure the receipt goes into my file and the boxes with price tags are into the trash quickly. Bury the evidence and any remnants of guilt is my motto in this regard.

So a bag, wallet, a couple of products from the Clinique counter, a pair of shoes, and a cute new top … and 3 hours and a few hundred dollars at the mall cannot be recovered. Well, i could return things, but sometimes retail therapy is a wonderful thing. I am returning the shoes. They were a good experiment and these are only the third pair I have purchased and returned this month. In defense of my sanity and sensation in my feet, the other 2 pairs were online purchases that did not work out, only a single pair that I tried on at Macy’s, purchased, and am now returning. I suppose my waffling about comfort was pushed over by the fact that M thought they were less than flattering. So back they went and the search for spring shoes continues.

So this concludes our humpday brain dump for this week. I know, I know – me and my first world problems. But it’s my blog and I’ll be trivial and frivolous if I want to. *smile*

4 thoughts on “Gadgets, shopping, hair – mish mash of this and that

  1. Hmm – I’m not a fan of the chest strap but the forearm wouldn’t work at all for me at the gym. And a blow dryer stand? I have never heard of this but now I must find one! OMG – this could save me! I am growing my hair out because it isn’t long enough for a ponytail and I spend too much time at the gym and yoga where I need the hair of my face. Retail therapy is fine but I agree – no need to subject M to bag/cosmetic shopping (or you to the eyeroll!). I bought some cute sandals at DSW this last weekend and some workout shorts since it is getting warmer.

    1. Amazon, SAK! It’s like $13 and will change your life. Honestly, I’m now wondering how the hell I have lived without this little gizmo. It’s cheap, but it’s getting the job done for right now. There are more expensive models, and ones you can attach to the wall.
      As for the optical heart rate monitor, its a Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband, also available from Amazon for like $77. Expensive, but seems to get good reviews and it works. But I think you either need the fancy-smancy GPS watch or an app on your phone to receive from it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about writing it down so it doesn’t poison your mind!

    Have you ever tried using only conditioner every other wash? I do that occasionally. It’s supposed to be better for your hair.

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