No, not closing the blog or anything else so dramatic or drastic. M, walking by this morning and glancing at my screen, saw the title and was momentarily worried that I was giving up blogging. Apparently writing is therapeutic for me, and M was alarmed that if I do not continue downloading my thoughts as frequently as I do it would be bad. And he’s right – it might be bad. Truth of the matter is I need the blog far more than anyone else who might be following along with me.

Sometime in the last month, J advised me that I should always strive to “end on a good one” when I am struggling with a particular exercise. In that particular interaction, I am quite certain it was the one-leg Romanian deadlift. Every day I do them I am kinda/sorta counting as I move along through the set, and I am most definitely striving to end the set on a good, non-wobbly one per leg. In keeping with that sort of thinking, this has been a tumultuous week and I am striving to end it on a good note.

Today I created a new page for all my 2016 training recaps. It makes me happy to see them listed all together in one place with their individual titles and posting dates.

Our deck is taking shape outside and will be nice … when it is finally complete. Not our contractor’s fault, but I am resigned to nothing we ever do on our home going smoothly or without change orders. But even with the constraints on my practice time and having to leave the gym early what feels like early on practice days this week, I enjoy seeing our contractor, chatting with him and his son, seeing his wife this morning. Whether it’s us or we just get lucky, we have been blessed with good trade people.

Tomorrow I may be late to the gym to chauffer M and his running buddies up to their insertion point loop. I honestly don’t mind – at least they are not starting in Squaw Valley this early in the season – and I am happy that M has these joyous weekend training runs with his pals. The bonus of an M-free Saturday to declutter and deep clean without him hanging around and either making me feel guilty for not doing more or hanging around and getting in my way is not to be underestimated. Besides, he’s been busy doing a lot of physical grunt work removing boards and crap from the backyard. Super bonus if I do not have to drive M and pals to their Foresthill, but still okay even if I do.

Decluttering and deep cleaning does not sound like a lot of fun or even something to be happy about, but is has to be done from time to time and I have a whole kitchen full of crap assorted gadgetry we never use to sort out and box for donation. Then there is my shower and it’s fancy glass doors. Every few months they have to be de-water-spotted and polished to avoid the faster buildup of water spotting. If I do that while M is around he will see some invisible spot that I missed and end up taking over, which is not the end of the world but it’s shower glass. It is meant to get wet and will acquire spots; it does not require hours and hours of cleaning and polishing to get the job done.

Getting my hair addressed this afternoon, and I love, Love, LOVE my stylist. The time passes quickly as we catch up on everything that has happened in our lives during the 6 to 8 week interim since our last hair session. Sometimes people just come into your life and just make it better. I have good hair days in the salon and I look forward to a couple of hours of quality time in the chair with tinfoil in my hair.

Meeting TM and his partner for kava tonight after getting my hair done. Is this kosher on a professional level? I have no idea, nor do I care. What I do know is after this many years of longer term and shorter term projects, we have become friends; he and his partner are tribe. So when he read last night’s post and my desire to have fun that did not entail work or exercise, he asked me if I wanted to join them for kava after work. I’ll have good hair for the occasion.

Sunday is Easter, and we have no particular plans. Jury is still out on gym, no gym, or practice, no practice. Whatever happens, whatever choice I make on Sunday will be the right one for me, and I will be just right with it.

Because it is a good week, and by my choice and design it will fade in a high, happy, peaceful, and positive tone.

Happy Friday everyone!


3 thoughts on “End on a good one

  1. hi J,

    sounds like your got a groove going and plotting out your training for ’16. enjoy your weekend…

    Take care


  2. Oh I LOVE decluttering! It’s such a good feeling when it’s all done and you see the reward of your hard work…I just need to convince Jay to take the kids out of the house..that guilt you speak of is very strong when you feel like you want quality time with family but also just need to get this stuff done!

  3. I need to do a decluttering of the cabinets under the kitchen sink…plastic containers multiply when you leave them for a day or two…it’s my only explanation. Enjoy and have a great weekend

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