On about 3 hours sleep, I went to the gym this morning and did my workout. It was excellent for the most part – 3 sets of non-slogging through. Being Saturday, it was the Saturday people, and I like that. Plus I felt more focused than expected being low on sleep and braced for some level of cranky because of it. But nope, not cranky, not even that tired. If anything, I feel more satisfaction with the actual work.

Except maybe the last few minutes. The mini band dead tread was like the longest 3 minutes of my life thus far. Maybe the trick is not to watch the phone timer and will it to go faster while trying to make legs move in some semblance of cadence. But the time did pass eventually, the tone went off in my ear, and I thought collapsing on the belt might be alarming to other people around me, so I didn’t. But dang I thought about it for a long few seconds.

It’s been raining here all day long, and I really wanted to wash my car today. Ah well. It can be dirty another couple of days without long-term harm.

I ran other errands, did laundry, cleaned house, tripped over one of my cats on the new deck. No permanent damage, possible a new bruise on my knee, but it was just one of those things that happens sometimes with cats. I guess, anyway. This is our first adventure with fluff buckets and had our neighbor gone away and had to leave them we would still be non-cat people. But now we are, and accidents of them being underfoot while food is being presented will happen.

It’s a quiet Saturday night around here, as most are anymore. With M doing trail runs with his friends most weekends he comes home thrashed and not terribly energetic. I am pretty tired after only a few hours of sleep last night, I am thinking tonight will be a read until I cannot keep my eyes open type night.

But that’s okay. I’ve got several Scott Abel and others in my library from J and more about meditation that I just downloaded for my Kindle. Tomorrow is a new day and big (and little) plans for exercise, bulk cooking, and maybe shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables for the week as well as a trip to a couple of different REI stores with M to try and find a different hydration vest for M. That will be fun (yeah, probably not).

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