One of my close friends was teasing me on text that I must be having “brain bonk” because of the benign, almost vacuous replies I have been sending.

Perhaps it’s true. It seems I have had little to report or talk about recently, due to the low-energy, relatively drama-free life I am leading lately. Yesterday I was completely uninspired, mostly because of my overall sleep deprivation and doing boring domestic chores inside with the ongoing drizzle here. Today I continue to feel rather lackluster in the energy department, despite going to the gym and doing my minimalist Sunday workout. I console myself that I went and did a light workout, as is typical on Sundays, versus lying on the couch feeling listless and bored with my lack of enthusiasm and energy for the day. So I went to the gym out of a sense of obligation and am glad I did so, if only to step away from the negative girl territory. I felt pretty good about form and such and allowed zero guilt to creep in about not doing more. Progress.

I had a calendar mix-up last week and thought I was in the bay all day on Tuesday and had to reschedule with TM, only shortly after receiving his reply today I realized that I forgot to follow-up with a “never mind!” email because my bay area meeting is a week from Tuesday, not this week. TM has been away and just replied to my Thursday email offering to fit me in tomorrow instead. Rather than disrupt my regular gym appointment and training with J, he offered to make room for me at the end of his workday. Except none of that is now necessary, since I came to my senses and realized I was not double booked this week.

In his email reply he asked how things were going – no phone calls, no texts, no emails (other than my request to reschedule) in nearly 2 weeks. In truth I had not given it much though about the passage of time, and I just realized when he asked that I have no particular agenda of items that I want or need to discuss. Nothing new or in particular has freaked me out or set me off on some complete spin cycle. My days have become a pretty well-oiled machine of gym/exercise, work, meals/healthy eating, time to recreational read/talk to or hang out with friends, more work, writing/blogging, ensuring I get enough sleep. M and I have both been busy with various individual and joint projects here at home, so there is that tossed into the mix as well.

Essentially, nothing hugely dramatic or exciting going on right now, and I am perfectly okay with that.

With TM, I have anticipated this year’s self-improvement project would wind down sooner rather than later, because he assured me I already had the tools to achieved my self-improvement and confidence objectives. So maybe we are winding down? It’s something we will explore on Wednesday. Either that or some modern miracle has occurred and I have nothing left to talk about. I’m really happy every day I get up and go to the gym and get through my List without feeling anxious or edgy or anything other than focused on whether the muscle I am supposed to be working is actually doing what it’s supposed to be doing. I was thinking yesterday and again this morning that when I feel tired dragging my butt into the gym I start feeling more energized by the third set of the List I am working, which is strange and weird and could be my imagination going into overdrive. Work is work and proceeding well, despite the recent hiccups with staff issues.

It is odd to feel less guilty about doing things I planned or hoped to get done. Today M and I have been out shopping, on the hunt for a replacement hydration running pack. From the scratches and rub spots on his back from his older model, the need is real and the specificity and pickiness of finding The One is completely understandable. It was an adventure, going to parts of town we rarely have reason to venture into except in search of some mythical unicorn of a running vest. It’s not something we can just order over the internet and HOPE it works out for him. This is one of those things he needs to go shop for, try on, test and flex and see how it feels.

I have told you guys M runs A LOT. This is from his fancy-smancy GPS running watch:

M’s running mileage for the last 30 days.

In the last 30 days – consecutive days – M has run 501.25 miles in 122:29 hours (and people have the nerve to suggest I might be overtraining). But this is why the hunt for the hydration pack is on right now. Unfortunately it’s also one of those things he wants/needs me to tag along with and see what I think. I don’t run so I have no idea what I’m looking at, but I nod, smile, test cramming phones into pockets with him.

At my insistence we brought home 2 different packs today. The thing I love about REI – you can return anything up to a year from the date of purchase. He’ll test both on short runs this week and hopefully one of them will be adequate, because there is no perfect hydration pack on the market. Trust me on this – I have looked at a lot of them in the last couple of days and the vast majority have been rejected for various reasons. Fingers and toes crossed for at least 1 of the 2 we brought home today.

And I myself have a new, upgraded, even more judgmental heart rate monitor. It was a gift, and I am trying very hard to make friends and get along with it. It does all sorts of things I have not yet bothered to figure out, but mostly I like that it works as a watch with nice big numbers that allows me to see the time.

So while bulk cooking did not get done due to the late start this morning with getting out of the house for the gym (me) and run (M) and the extended hydration vest search, the house is clean, laundry is done, and food was purchased. Plus I have new books on my kindle to read … about cooking, of all things. Yep, I’m skimming through kindle unlimited cookbooks in hopes of being inspired to try new dishes.

I did try a couple of different vegan protein powders this weekend, both of which were not to my taste. A recurring feature of these is the taste and texture of grass clippings or sawdust; these are not smooth mixtures no matter how long I blended them. Maybe if I could find or figure out a green smoothie recipe I would tolerate they would be more useful, but for now I’ll stick with my standard Syntha 6 for protein powder. I don’t consume a lot of it, but when I do I have no problem drinking it down.

The new deck looks beautiful, and of course it was raining much of the weekend and unavailable for real enjoyment, other than tripping and falling over the number 3 fluff bucket. They are ranked by age, because we do not play favorites, and Pesto, number 3, is the kitten in the bunch.

But it’s been a good weekend, even if I have little news to report or any new, navel-gazing wonderings to share and purge from my mind. Other than feeling tired, which I can trace directly to not enough sleep on Friday night, I feel almost bored with myself this weekend.

I think I have spring fever and am frustrated with the desperately needed rain.

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