It is truly the little things in my life that make me appreciate all I have. While few could really know or understand what makes me happy, I appreciate that so many who care for and about me try to see the world through my lens and get me. The getting is not necessarily the critical factor, but the desire to try and adjust and narrow their world view to match my own and see how I see, feel how I feel. Priceless.

That said, I had one of those truly rare and memorable days the gym this morning. One of my past nemesis, the single leg Romanian dead lift was conquered this morning. Second set I got through my minimum 6 per leg as perfectly as I have ever done. No falling over, barely even a wobble through the entire set. Third set I went for 8 and was getting tired, but I managed 8 per leg with about 11 or 12 tries. I call that good and a successful endeavor.

Unless you’re J, who has had to sit through these with me many a session, or M, who has watched me trying at home and listened to me swearing repeatedly over them, you probably cannot appreciate this little exercise and how much it means to me to finally succeed after months of trying, avoiding, trying more and trying harder. And that’s okay. It’s a tiny thing in the big picture of my life.

There was a time when I would have felt like these were impossible for me to ever perform properly, adequately. Remarkably, at some point I have consciously ceased thinking whatever exercise is hard for me right now is impossible and accepting that it is just hard right now. I have learned that consistent practice and patience will eventually yield the desired results. I have known my day would come where I would be able to get through a set without faltering, tipping over, or growing frustrated with my own lack of balance ability. It snuck up on me that today was that day.

Just for today, circumstances and focus were nearly perfect. And I succeeded. I bitch, moan, complain, and whine plenty about the lower points in my daily journey. I need to celebrate my wins, big and small, here in the blog as well.

I know it’s a Very Big Deal when the emotional tears start flowing as I try to type the post. At least they are happy tears.

2 thoughts on “One snowflake in a big giant blizzard

  1. Yay!!!!! Wonderful!!! And this is great! “at some point I have consciously ceased thinking whatever exercise is hard for me right now is impossible”

    Well done gym girl!

    1. Thanks, SAK! It’s like my math epiphanies. The don’t get it, don’t get it, don’t get it! Slam head against desk/wall/other inanimate object and voila! Breakthrough! Such it seems with exercise as well.

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