So today begins my food tracking day. Anyone taking bets on how long I can actually last in this process? The minutia of eating is not my forte and is unlikely to hold my interest very long, but I committed to RD that I would do this. And I apologize in advance for boring the rest of you with my tedious food fodder.

My food day in pictures:

I have already slipped, because there should be a second picture of another orange with the salad I had for lunch.

Friends, this is what 1329 calories looks like spread out over my day, assuming the data in MyFitnessPal is accurate (I’m sparing you screenshots of the actual input). Yep, I am forcing myself to make the entries and burning brain cells remembering to take the pictures. I did not document my water consumption, because I loosely track that by drinking from the same water bottle (at the gym) or a large 32 oz. stainless steel cup that I tend to cart around with me throughout my days. From the number of times I refilled, I consumed the equivalent of 15 glasses of water (or 120 oz.), which is actually pretty normal for me.

It’s day 1 and I already feel as if I have entered food tracking purgatory with no hope of escape. But I promised RD that I would try, so this is me trying.

Only 13 more of these, but who (besides me) is counting.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Let her eat cake! (or not)

  1. I am always counting. I just switched to another program though and I am hoping that will work until I get to where I want, then I’m sure I’ll have to figure something out for maintenance.

      1. I started the 21 Day Fix, which is confusing in the beginning, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. They have color coded containers and depending on your calorie requirements is how many times a day they get filled. Fruits, carbs, veggies, fats, protein, greens, all have their own separate container, so it is very balanced. MFP definitely gave me a baseline and I still check in with it now and then.

  2. L and T have those same shers! Does it have this funny little silver ball to mix everthing up in also? Ever morning L does greek yogurt, almond milk, ground flax seed, frozen fruit and kale along with oatmeal or cream of wheat. It’s pretty good but if i put flax seed in mine everyday i spend the day with a massive tummy ache:(

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