No curds, only whey is the morning protein shake. But it’s Saturday, so fueling and food consumption can be tricky for me. However, I am determined to overcome whatever issue is biting me and keeping me from simply doing what I should be doing and getting it done.

My food day in photos:

Data from MyFitnessPal says this is 1344 calories. I pretty much eat the same things, day after day after day. And a gratuitous food pic of my box of now ripe pears that were green just a couple of days ago.


I have also more insight as to why people become vegetarians or vegans. Maybe it’s healthier, maybe it’s to save the animals and the planet, maybe they are just curious or rebellious. Whatever. For me, I believe the primary reason is so they never have to touch raw chicken again. Bulk cooking chicken today in the crock pot – yuck.

So day 2 is now concluded. My eating is not very exciting to read about or look at, but at least it’s kind of colorful.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Little Miss Muffet

    1. They ARE yummy! I bought them at Costco on Wednesday night and they were green. Last night they were yellow, and today they were perfect, so into the fridge they went. I’ll be eating pears all week.

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