Day 3 of my eating in photos and trying to use MyFitnessPal to track calories. Frankly, it’s torture, but I’m sucking it up and dealing.

Today was busy, and my eating was off because of the late start with my day and the shopping and errands this afternoon. I feel a bit like Supergirl for avoiding the temptation of mall food – I have a serious weakness for the pretzel stands when I’m getting hungry. I prevailed. RD may be frowning when he reads this and notes that I mostly skipped lunch, but I am honest in my reporting. I do get busy and forget to eat, or I get busy out and about and resist eating crap. My lack of planning is shining through today.

Today’s food consumption in pictures:

This is what 1202 calories looks like, according to MyFitnessPal. Dinner was a baked potato with steamed chicken and bbq sauce and some shredded cheese tossed on top – picture is kind of difficult to see. I seem to be getting the hang of photographing what I’m eating and showing the world how boring my diet truly is on a day-to-day basis. I drink nothing but water with meals and throughout the day, which is why there have been no other photographs of beverages other than the morning protein shake.

Only 11 more days left! Not that I’m counting or anything …. *smile*

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