I was having the great debate about going to the gym, not going to the gym this morning. In the end I slept until 7:30, got up and thought longer and harder about not going, and then decided to just do pull myself together and get my practice completed. It’s Sunday and I have standing permission to go lighter on my workouts. And I would feel better if I just did it and quick the bitching inside my head.

What finally made me decide to stop vacillating and just get it done was reading about another blogger’s couch-to-5K journey (madelineharper09.com – she’s fabulous, and if you have not visited, you really should) and my comment on her update for the week:

From personal and current experience, I know how hard it is getting started with exercise. Hell, 6 months into it I know how hard it is to get up and keep going. I also learned eliminating words like “fail” and “loser” from my thinking about myself helps enormously to keep me motivated to keep trying, and from there, very slowly succeeding.

I am married to a man who now runs at least 15 miles every single day, is incredibly disciplined about his strict diet, and yet somehow manages to be encouraging and proud of me and what feels like my frequently faltering efforts and barely moving progress in comparison. So I stopped comparing. I stopped feeling like I was falling behind all our friends who are fit and everyone else I see at the gym and focusing on what I could do today.

Take it slowly and do what you can do when you are able to logistically make it work. And keep writing about it! I have found writing about my struggles and successes to be enormously helping in sticking with it.

I figured it is disingenuous of me to comment and not drag my sorry butt out of the house and to the gym on a Sunday morning. For me it becomes a now-or-never type event, and if I didn’t get going then I was likely to be having an unplanned exercise-free day.

Once through the doors of the gym and into warm-up and actual practice, I’m fine. I tend to get lost on my List and inside my own head and the rest of the world fades around me.

One of my sister’s in the J training tribe was also working out this morning. I have seen her a few times and always recognize other J clients from their own Lists. In fact, J had just mentioned her on Thursday, talking about her meetings with her doctor and how pleased he was with her improving health. I ended up introducing myself and we chatted for quite awhile as we were both wrapping up. We are similar in age and training pursuits, plus she seems like a very nice person. Talking about our programs, our shared anxiety of being out in the big boy’s room the gym, and the difficulties in finding attachments for the cable machines, she mentioned purchasing her own rope attachment and said she had a spare and offered it to me. And when I accepted and wanted to pay her for it – I had no idea how to even search for such a thing or I would have been shopping myself before this – she would not take my money. Seriously, who does that?

It was an absolute delight. And I feel so much more empowered now knowing I won’t have to traipse through both floors of the gym looking for a rope attachment.

It truly is the little things in life.

M and I had a productive day, including a trip to the mall for a shirt for M to wear to C’s marriage ceremony on Friday. Nothing like waiting until practically the very last minute. Thankfully with his recent weight loss efforts, khakis from 11 years ago (G’s high school graduation) fit perfectly, as did a pair of slacks from 4 years ago. Dress shirts? Not so much. And other than his tropical shirts that he wears  all the time, M did now own a sport button-down he would have felt comfortable wearing to the courthouse. We got lucky and found something we both liked at Eddie Bauer that actually fits his slimmer frame and long arms, so yay! I think it took us longer to find a parking space. There is definitely a need for a suit, dress shirt, and tie for G’s wedding in September, but that’s another shopping trip this summer, hopefully after those last 10 lbs. he is battling are settled. As far as I’m concerned he looks terrific as is, but we have time for him to continue to watch his eating so hawkishly and run like crazy all summer.

We are finding that with both of us now getting up so early to run (M) and go to the gym (me) that shopping during the week is pretty much impossible unless previously planned and scheduled. Tuesday nights would be ideal, because that’s typically my work from home day, but work has been taking me away to client offices or meetings on Tuesdays and  Tuesday evenings are when M meets with his running buddies and/or the people he’s agreed to coach and train with for Western States. Weekends are evolving into our errand running time, and sometimes we slip up and forget things like appropriate clothes for my daughter’s marriage. It worked out, and we will plan better into the future.

No complaints here, merely wondering why it seems like my life is so jam-packed at a time when I am being fairly strict with myself and my work-until-I-drop tendencies.

But it was a nice, relaxing weekend, albeit busy with various things that come with doing all our shopping for the upcoming week and personal errands. Tuesday I’m in San Francisco for the day, so my schedule already feels pressured. It may be the idea of seeing someone I barely tolerate, but I seriously doubt it will be as bad as I am imagining it could be. It will be fine. In fact, it will be another great week ahead, in spite of seeing the only former boss I still have such ill will towards.

Yes, that’s a much better frame of mind to go into a new week with.

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