I spent the day in San Francisco and between the drive, the meeting, the schmoozing, and the animosity I feel toward my former boss, it was a very long day that has pretty much killed my appetite.

My day in food pictorial is light, I know:

Protein shake before gym this morning, usual oatmeal for breakfast, no lunch picture (caesar salad with bay shrimp – was not to my liking), zero appetite when I got home so soup and pear for dinner. The last – the guacamole M eats a lot of nights per week – I tasted it with a single chip, so it gets a gratuitous photo credit. Not a big avocado fan, and obviously even less of a guac lover.

The MFP estimates give me an estimate of approximately 1750 calories, and I have no idea about the accuracy of that number. Tomorrow I return to my regular programming, and honestly, I cannot wait.

Day 5! I’m in single digits of days left to torture myself (and anyone else reading about my very boring eating habits) with these daily entries.


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