C got married yesterday, and it was truly lovely. Simple, to the point, not a lot of flourish, with the people she and A love most in attendance. There were a few regrettable absences – G could not get off work, A’s brother is somewhere in Asia. Still, it was wonderful and they are very happy to have done things their way.

I got to meet many of A’s family I’d not met previously, and they are lovely people. I also got to see my former in-laws, who are looking well and gracious and delightful as always.

Last night the vast majority of the same group gathered at a local restaurant for dinner, only this time my son was able to join us. Korean BBQ – it’s a happy couple favorite – and the food was good. But I made the mistake of having a soda (we were celebrating) and this morning that sugar demon has me in its thrall. I will overcome it, simply because I hate the consequences of sliding down that sugary slope again, but I feel something akin to hungover this morning.

Practice was as hard as has been in recent months, but I pushed through and got it done. I feel sort of thrashed and like I would love a nice long nap. Unfortunately I had meetings with a couple of clients today and had to put on my game face.

The bright side is my daughter is married, we celebrated as she and A wished to celebrate, and I got to meet a lot of the rest of his family and see other branches of the kids’ family tree I have not seen in a few years.

From the standpoint of my wonderful family, I am very richly blessed.

So that was Saturday’s update, which did not get posted sometime yesterday as I had planned. Instead, I met with a couple of clients about work … then blew off working the afternoon in favor of a drive to Mt. Rose summit with M to see what the snow is doing up there.

Mt. Rose is a new favorite place for M to elevation train. It’s also a lovely drive through Kings Beach and Incline Village into Tahoe or the other direction and into Reno. The snow is receding – probably only another week or two before M can gain access to the fire road to run Mt. Rose – so that was exciting for him. We continued on into Reno, because I wanted to check in with Dillard’s shoe department. One wedding down, another looming large in September, and I am on the hunt for appropriate shoes. I believe no matter how much weight I gain or lose, the shoes should still fit, right?

But it was a bust this time. Lots and lots of pretty things, yet nothing that I wanted to G and K’s wedding. I still have time to find the right pair, but it would be nice to have this item off my to-do. But oh well.

We had prime rib at Peppermill’s steakhouse and it was absolutely delicious. Of course, I am starting think any meal I do not actually prepare myself tastes particularly fabulous. There was a time when we ate out probably 75% of the time. Our busy lives with both of us working meant neither of us wanted to spend our limited non-working time cooking. In the last several years, since M has retreated from the traditional work force (he does plenty around the house and for others), the trend has steadily reversed itself. Meals out are with family or friends or celebratory occasions. On our own, we eat out may once or twice on the weekends if at all. Rest of the time we prepare our own meals.

It seems we are becoming pickier about food. M was never the prime rib fiend I am; in general he eats a wider variety of foods, period. But our trend is more and more seeking out meat-based meals (his preference) and salad/vegetables I will eat (my preference). The pizza, pasta, Chinese food, burgers and fries we used to enjoy routinely at favorite places are less and less the priority for us. And it’s fine. There is a local BBQ place that we both enjoy where he gets some brisket-based thing and I order the caesar salad. I am acquiring a bit of a catalog on where my favorite caesar salads are served.

So it’s been a fun couple of days of eating, drinking, making merry. I can feel more balance returning to my life this weekend, with minimal work on Friday and yesterday. I need to be more conscious of the work/life scales and how off-kilter I allow them to become.

A good weekend thus far.

3 thoughts on “Eating, drinking, making merry

  1. Sounds like the wedding went well! And that you are having a good/fun weekend! Work/life balance is tough when you are self-employed – but you will get there.

    Your body isn’t use to soda anymore – that is a great thing!

    BTW – on the shoes – I am not saying it will happen to you – but my shoe size went down a half size. So maybe wait till closer? Or shop Nordstrom for the return policy?

    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. I am so happy for everyone. And it was the perfect wedding for them and thats what matters more than anything.
    I went down a whole shoe size when I lost the weight….soooo
    Hugs to C and A

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