It’s Sunday morning, and I slept later than usual and with deliberate intent to take a gym rest day today. Of a sort, anyway. Last night when formulating my plan, I decided I would skip the gym today and pursue a yoga class with my friends.

Except everyone else is blowing off a 9 a.m. yoga class as too early. I am gobsmacked.

So it’s 7:20 and I am realizing that I could go to the gym and get a workout done and then continue careening madly through the remainder of my weekend.

But I decided on a day off from the gym and I am gritting my teeth, digging in my heels, and demanding that I follow through with that decision.

Hello, who are you and what have you done with the real me?

In truth a rest day of some sort is in order. Yesterday I my shoulders and upper body ached so dreadfully I feared something might actually be wrong, that I had overdone it or worse. After a good night’s sleep, shoulders and arms and upper body feel just fine. Yesterday was enough of a wake-up that I am heeding the messages received and not going to do any resistance training today. Yoga and stretching seems like a better choice if I do anything.

The yoga class starts at 9, ends at 10:30. Which means the entire morning is consumed rather unproductively. And the argument I am currently having with myself is that today is Sunday, and I do not necessarily HAVE to be productive. I can laze around and read one of several books I have in progress and just enjoy the day. I do not need to be productive, working or otherwise. No need to feel guilty for taking some well-deserved time off and just relax.

But I seem to be in a type A- mode and feeling the urge to go-go-go, do-do-do, check off those to-do list items or justify my hours with a list of accomplishments.

There is also a bit of an anxiety/intimidation factor in a yoga class. I tend to not do that well in a group setting, and I actually like going with a friend/friends whenever possible. Going by myself, I am fine once I get there and class begins. I’m not a very bendy person, but I try. And through the months of working with J, I am noticeably stronger and more powerful in some of the postures. That alone is enough to engage me in wanting to try again; the first restart after being away is always the biggest challenge.

But it’s now 9:15 and I decided to blow off class in favor of dropping off a daypack for my daughter and her Disneyworld vacation tomorrow. M is also off to a late start with his run, so my new plan is to attend the 4:30 yoga class with my friends who deemed 9 a.m. on a Sunday too early. This should work out okay today and is a comfortable compromise.

And now it’s 6:40 and I survived the Bikram class and now cannot drink enough water. In a room heated to 105 degrees … I’d have to work a lot harder tomorrow to reach the same level of drenched in sweat, and I typically work plenty hard working out with J.

Weird quirky joint things seem magnified after the class – one knee and both shoulders kind of hurt right now. Most likely just used in different ways than is typical. This teaches me a valuable lesson – next time I think “rest day” I need to really mean “rest day.” Yoga is a good practice to pursue,

I feel a little out of sorts, but not completely from the exercise or lack thereof. It’s been a busy day of housekeeping chores and reading, a little work-work mixed in as well. Busy, but not overwhelming. Household chores seem to breed like rabbits, and it seems to me the minute one thing is done I remember or am reminded of something else that needs to get done. It’s endless.

Reading for fun is typically a battery recharging activity, and I am currently juggling a few different books on diet and philosophy and fiction for fun. I need to make time for more than just 5 pages per night. I need more like an hour or 50 pages per night.

That is my first-world problem for next few weeks – finding more time to read to recharge my batteries.

It’s going to be a busy week, but I am expecting very great and satisfactory things from it.

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