We have house guests through the weekend, runner friends who came out to get started on trail running training season. Both are ultra runners with entries into at least 2 races this year, and they will spend the next several months training for or running in races. The chance to visit us and other running friends in other parts of the country is pure bonus.

They arrived late afternoon yesterday, and by the time I got home they had been to the grocery store and had already prepared a wonderful dinner. They are vegetarians, so it was a vegetable-based pasta and tofu for they and M, some lesser spiced and chicken added version of it for me. My greater variety of vegetable eating and willingness to try other things did not go unnoticed. The tofu they selected was different than what I’m accustomed to seeing, but it still tastes bland in its natural state. Mixed with the garlic and olive oil, it was better. Still not something I will be pursuing anytime soon, but it was okay. But I freely admit being happy to have my chicken.

The wife does something marketing or buying-like for an upscale retail store chain and has a pretty good eye for clothes and fashion. She was so nice and lavish in her praise for the health and wellness work I have been pursuing with J. Having not seen me in at least a year, she was actually surprised that I have actually lost so few pounds on the scale, because I am smaller, more toned, and have more muscle definition. She could have stopped at smaller and I would have been delighted, but I was truly flattered by the rest of her kind words.

RD has been out sick all week, which meant he cancelled our Tuesday appointment and then had to cancel our rescheduled Thursday as well. He sounds super terrible over the telephone, but assures me he’s been to see his doc and it’s just a really bad cold. I am very concerned about him and hope he’s taking good care, because really, selfishly, a good RD that works with me and my quirks is hard to find. And now that I have this RD in my village, I feel a bit as if I have been abandoned in the wilderness of food. Hopefully he’s back on his feet and back to work soon so I can return to my regular email/text/phone ways without intensified guilt for bothering him with questions.

This week has been an uneven week with food. I have been very happy, relaxed, upbeat, but also VERY busy with work and work-related commitments. When I am in my normal groove and working at work on a routine schedule (a flexible statement when you work at jobs that way that I tend to in self-employment and part-time capacities) meal planning and healthier eating is not the difficult. The planning part is what gets hinkey when I am on the loose in the wild of the workday and on the road to meet people in other locations, meals out, skipping meals because of appointments, etc., etc., etc. Basically, when work goes off-script my eating habits tend to follow suit.

My part-time gig is moving. We are in the process of deciding upon a larger space, doing the whole lease negotiation dance, then going forward with new furnishings and equipment and all that happy stuff that accompanies a move. I hate moving, period, yet here I am, adding relocation coordinator to my professional hat rack. I remind myself that my hourly pay rate is all the same, no matter what drudgery I may have to complete.

This week has been a lot of outside appointments to meet with property  managers and tour spaces, meet with furniture suppliers to talk about furnishings, telephone calls and emails to vendors about phones and other mundane but necessary office equipment. All that in addition to my normal responsibilities, meetings with staff and with clients.

I am not complaining – I actually love my jobs with all their warts, flaws, headaches. My primary mentee was told to either take unpaid leave or take vacation for 2 weeks, a mandatory requirement to do some soul searching about how much she wants to continue with our firm. While I do hope she utilizes this time to figure out that we are not her enemy and unreasonable in our expectations for her work and ability to get along with coworkers, I am feeling rather resigned to nothing changing upon her return. However, this is my uber optimism week, and I choosing to extend that to her and her attitude and behaviors as well.

My next big step in this whole healthier eating process is to figure out how to do this with some advance planning for being outside my normal confines during the day. Breakfast is simple and quick; it’s lunches and dinners and snacks on the go that wig my healthier eating resolutions. This week we have had pizza (only one slice for me, both nights) and salad for dinner, and that was the very best of the lot. Lunches I have had a dry salad (did not like the dressing supplied), crackers and cheese, almonds, peanut butter and crackers, celery and peanut butter. And several chicken and vegetables type dinners, so all is not lost.

I just feel like I strayed past the boundaries of my personal eating reservation this week. But it’s okay, new day, new week ahead. Things will be back on the upswing when I plan in advance a little better.

Speaking of the brighter side of things, let’s talk skinny jeans. I have 2 pairs of those bad boys and both are getting slightly less skinny than they were a month or so ago. This is a good thing. This inspired me to venture to the scale to discover that I am down 1.5 lbs. from the big fancy-smancy medical office scales. Go me!

I can still wear the less-skinny skinny jeans; they just do not fit like the more comfortable, fitted version they were a few pounds ago. They continue to look fine, feel okay, and are wearable. But they are on the list for replacement. Probably after the summer; no need for jeans in the heat of our summers.

But it’s nice to know things are moving along in some correct direction. I am very pleased.

Yesterday I alluded to friend J throwing down a challenge, teasing me about my workouts feeling real and taunting me about the 30 rep sets. So I suggested he should try it first, before being such an asshat about it. He countered with a challenge – she who falls first after a few days.

I can tell you right now it’s not going to be me.

We are still trying to iron out the rules, know the duration will be relatively short because we are both pursuing our individual exercise objectives that could be impacted by dragging out our little game. I also know we will be on the honor system, because our silly games are silly enough without inviting others to monitor our honesty. Another complication is that friend J is still recovering the strength from a broken hand, so he may have to figure out some compensatory adjustments to avoid carrying dumbbells. And he is significantly stronger than I am, so he needs to factor and balance that as well.

And I can tell you that whatever duration this little challenge, I fully intend to run it to at worst a draw, but I expect to win. No way is he besting me on my own turf.

And while I might have legs of mush and even less skinny in my skinny jeans after this challenge is over, it will benefit me to crank up the intensity, even if it only lasts a few days.

While I genuinely think he should be afraid, very afraid, I’m sure friend J is licking his chops and laughing his ass off.

Let the games begin. *smile*

And let my existing skinny jeans become less so with every passing day.

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