Commenter SAK mentioned a cargo cover for my Rav4, and I thought they did not make one for this model. I have asked about one every time I have had it in for service, only to be told there is not one available. Admittedly I have yet to “bond” with a service advisor at the dealership and have a different guy each of the 4 or 5 times I’ve been in there with this car, but still. Those lying service people. Okay, maybe it’s partly my fault for using the wrong words to describe what I was seeking, but still … Amazon has one for $104. Heck of a lot cheaper and much less hassle than buying another car.

The Avalon was quite lovely and drove like a dream, but I am not ready to give up my exuberance for and terminate my mad love affair with my Rav just yet. Tomorrow I’ve scheduled time to clean the interior thoroughly and wash it’s rather dusty exterior. Once upon a time I would wash my cars every single week and put a coat of wax on them by hand every 6 months. I will still run it through the wash when I buy gas, because between California’s water rationing drama and my various jobs, I have not made time for it on the weekends. And if I want it waxed I’m going to find myself a detailer to do the heavy buffing for me. But seeing it through the “maybe” eye of selling or trading it, I realized I am definitely not ready to let go of it and I need to maintain it in a much nicer manner than I have been lately.

And who knew Amazon sold car parts? I am not a great pursuer of such things, but apparently no one bothered to enlighten me. Ah well. Learn something new every day.

2 thoughts on “Car conundrum – “I am an idiot” addendum

    1. Yep, apparently these are cargo covers, not tonneau covers as they were described in the other Rav. But seriously, you would think a service advisor would know that, but apparently my expectations are set too high.

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