Been a pretty low-key weekend around these parts the last few days. Nothing extraordinary or exciting going on in my little world, so this post is just a compilation of the random in my life this holiday weekend.

Exercise nightmares. Friday night I had disturbing dreams about a few of the exercises on my Lists, specifically the hamstring curl using the stability ball and the glute bridges. For whatever reason, my brain was convinced my hips would no longer work and would not elevate as they are supposed to for these particular movements. I know – first world nightmares, right? Still, it stuck with me. Saturday I spent my 75 minutes reviewing the Freemotion cable machine stuff we had done on Thursday, but I always ensure I do at least 6 TRX pushups (the former bane of my exercise existence) and also ran through 20 reps of the ham curls and straight-leg glute bridges. Nothing reassures me that I am okay than an actual practice.

Battling a bug? Friday was also a work-from-home day in advance of the 3 day weekend. Except I got little work actually done and a lot of feeling cold and clammy with body aches. I did not work so terribly hard at practice to warrant the body aches, so I suspected I was trying to come down with something. Saturday’s practice was good, great even, and I spent the day busy with errands, housecleaning, grocery shopping, etc. By Saturday night, again I was feeling feverish and cold and whole body aches. Another 8 hours of sleep and I felt pretty much fine today. Pilates class and pretty much feeling fine. I have training tomorrow morning, at 8:15 rather than my usual 6 because of the holiday schedule, but I will stick with my normal routine of sleeping and waking rather than getting really spoiled on another day of later rising.

Pilates and doubling up on daily exercise. I did Pilates 2 Sundays in a row plus Tuesday and Thursday nights. It kinda/sorta got easier, but I am waving the white flag of defeat on the 2 nights of classes being overwhelming to my schedule. Going forward, I think Sunday mornings will be my new routine, with an evening of yoga on Fridays. Resistance training remains my first priority, but I want or need to put myself through some cardio each week, either as part of my resistance training or rowing or something else. I am still pondering this, because I maintain a very full work schedule and need to find some balance in all things.

The busy, the hectic, the crazy that is my work. First off, I have zero issues with working hard and making money. But sometimes even I need to know when to say when. Lately I have been subcontracting work out to others and referring potential clients to other sources. My part-time job is very accommodating to my desire to remain flexible and part-time, but as I assume more responsibilities we all recognize the need to hire additional administrative assistance, which is a mixed bag of blessing and curse. The little self-employment firm is thriving and I am now at capacity unless I hire additional help, and I am not yet willing to go that far. It is a good problem to have, one I am addressing by rewriting my business plan and creating a different set of objectives than when I started. I like the law firm, like having benefits, and I like the freedom that it gives me while being anchored with a pretty steady paycheck. With my 2 longest standing private clients, I have adequate work to create a very good living. However, I have several other small clients and supervising a couple of subcontractors with still other engagements. It will sort itself out, but I will have to take some more direct action in the next 60 go 90 days.

Choices and taking a new step forward with healthy eating. RD is working on creating a fairly structured eating plan to help me achieve more predictable blood sugar readings. Like the groundwork I have done with J on the exercise, I have done quite a bit of reading and testing various things the last several months with eating. It’s time for a series of eating Lists based on what I like, what I will eat, what I can tolerate in any given day or week. I believe my mindset is better and more receptive to making these changes now, and once I decide I am ready, I will typically dive in head first and make it happen.

Peace of mind equates happier and more restful spirit. Mentally and emotionally I have been leading an uneven sort of life the last few weeks. This week, this weekend, it’s been easier to release the unpleasant and the hurtful. While part of me wishes things were different, the practical side of me feels done and over friendships that have ended and the circumstances surrounding that outcome. I bear no ill will, wish them well outside the confines of my life and sphere of influence and awareness.

So other than feeling tired and possibly battling back on a sinus or allergy related ailment, it’s been a much needed relaxing (read: boring!) weekend. Sometimes I need boring, though.


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