It has been a fairly quiet and quite hot around these parts this weekend. M took to higher, snowier ground to run today.


That’s my hon – up there trudging 20 miles in the snow for the sake of fitness. He says he was hot, too, despite the white stuff on the ground.

As for me, my day has been pretty low-key yet productive. I was at the gym this morning, as I am nearly all Saturday mornings anymore, and as is typical anymore it was very fun. Usual members were around, doing their own training sessions or workouts, and it always nice seeing familiar faces.

When I started thinking about writing this post I sent this text to J:

Screenshot 2016-06-04 14.46.32

It’s actually very true anymore. Mondays and Thursdays I are training, Sundays are pilates. That leaves 4 days for practice and lots and lots of Lists. Of late I am pursuing dumbbells and sequences Lists, probably next week will be at cables and such. Maybe. I have been having such fun and felt so productive that last couple of days it’s hard to break away and pursue the Freemotion machine upstairs or other things. But I will soon. I feel as if there is simply not enough time or enough energy to pursue everything I would like to do in the days I have available. Doubling up on workouts is theoretically possible, and I have done it, but it is also pretty exhausting, particularly as I have been trying very hard to push-push-push and ensure I get everything available from my practices.

Ah well. This is actually a good exercise problem to try and find the happy balance.

Then there is work-work. Several hours today sorting out and closing self-employment private clients’ May books and paying bills due the first half of the month, plus finishing up a few other project loose ends. Work is busy, productive, really good. Even on a Saturday.

In convergence of work and better health, my client today asked me how I was feeling about the diet changes and the exercise these days. He has not seen me in several weeks, being out of the country, and seemed a little startled when he saw standing at the desk sorting getting paperwork sorted. I said it was going very well, that I was becoming more immersed in it, because saying I’m addicted and obsessed sounds kind of bad, like I need an intervention or something. His “I can tell you’re doing something, because you look great” was almost embarrassing, because he is not a big complimenter.

Household choring is a constant for me, doing my share of the upkeep around here. M does a lot during the week while I’m working, but there is always something more as well as the tasks we have agreed are mine – like cleaning my shower and bathroom, since I’m the only one using it. Grocery shopping, bulk cooking for the week ahead, changing the linens on the bed, a load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, etc., etc., etc. Plus I’m trying to get through my stuffed full drawers and closet of clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. It seems like I thin these things down to reasonable capacity (aka drawers that close easily, clothes not so jammed together they get wrinkled hanging in the closet, shoes not falling out every time the door opens) yet it only takes a short time and boom! Back to crisis level overfull. And I don’t feel as if I shop that much. Possibly my credit cards will disagree, but still. I am much better about it than I was at my shop-tip-I-drop tipping point working downtown and right across the street from Macy’s. But I have 2 large bags on donated clothing. I have been keeping 2 levels of too big clothes, just in case, but today I decided to donate everything. Vast majority of the stuff in my only recently too big box is jeans and long sleeved things from fall and winter. If I somehow stop fitting into what I have right now, the problem will be much more critical than buying another t-shirt of pair of jeans. Several things in my summer clothes drawer are teetering on the edge of being retired as too large, so I should be fine through the summer months, even with a sudden carb and sugar relapse.

Despite all that, it’s been a relaxing Saturday. I got some personal reading time, even an unexpected nap until a sugar crash woke me up. But oh well – it still happens if I fail to eat in reasonable intervals. RD forwarded me his mix-and-match meal plan making it easier for me to figure a quick and easy way to plan ahead to feed myself for a week.

G and K’s wedding is now just 90-something days away. K and I exchanged pictures of teal-colored shoes we both found, and her dress should be here by the end of the month, at which time the alterations will begin. I am very excited for her, and I get to go with when it arrives and she gets to try it on the first time … and probably have it be way too big in a lot of places. But she expects that and will not be crushed, but the shoes are kind of a priority to get the length and the train just right.

My own dress … I still have 2 in different sizes hanging in the closet. I’m still undecided which will be the final choice, because while they both fit, the smaller one is still kind of snug. I feel breathing is important at my kid’s wedding; no way do I want to call attention away from the happy couple by fainting. But I still have 90-something days left to figure it out and make one work and be completely flattering, so I’m not especially concerned right now. The other one fits, but I would have a little tailoring done to neaten it up for my slowly changing figure if it ultimately becomes my dress choice. I also need to invite C and K to see both on and have them weigh in with their opinions.

I did order yet another dress for the rehearsal dinner and/or to wear to other things going on this summer. In the picture it is quite pretty, and in person it’s not terrible – sage turns out to be kind of a very light, celery-colored green. It fits okay, too. Except … M said it looked like upholstery on a couch he’d never agree to buy for any room in our home, but as long as *I* like it …. After that comment – needless to say that one is packaged up and going back. But even before his very frank assessment, I was pretty sure I did not like it enough to keep it. The fabric is a much heavier brocade with a lining; I will feel like roasting poultry on any typical September evening around here.

So while nothing earth shattering or surprising to report from the weekend thus far, it is still all good. M was not consumed by wild animals or lost in the forest today. I got my shit done and still snagged a nap and some reading just for fun time.

Tomorrow is inferno hot pilates, because it’s hot outside so I may as well be hot in my weekly core work class. But I am looking forward to it, because it balances nicely with all the dreadful core work I am not doing during the week. Several of my yoga friends are going as well, so it will be extra fun. My attitude and outlook toward it is much more open and I am better about doing core work this way, even if I am chanting “I hate this, I hate this” in my head the entire time we are doing the various versions of plank-like things. The rest of it is interesting; I’m growing accustomed to the J cueing in my head with the instructor’s cueing in my ears. And the sweaty and gross factor is a given and built in to the class structure, so it doesn’t seem quite so awful walking out of there that way.

All in all, a pretty spectacular, if low-key, Saturday. Tomorrow will be even better; I have already decided.


One thought on “So it’s Saturday …

  1. No couch patterns allowed!!!!!!!!! I see another trip to the store in the future for something nice for rehearsal dinner. My big trip is to the phone store and hope I don’t strangle someone!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend. Relax a little. Great pic of M by the way! I can’t believe he was hot with all that snow

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