Today started out as wonky, confusing weekend, but not at all bad or unpleasant – just me trying to catch up on unusual happenings the last few days.

So Thursday I mentioned having weird shoulder and neck pain and suspecting my office desk set-up being the culprit. By the time I was finishing that post from my treadmill desk at home, that pain had pretty much subsided on its own. However, following trainer J’s recommendation to take it easy, I did legs and very light upper body on Friday morning even though I felt fine. The leg routine I selected is perplexing – as I told J, it’s like bad tasting food I cannot ever bring myself to cut from my diet. “Kale for the legs” is what J laughingly referred to it, and the label is sticking.

Anyway, working from home yesterday felt no bad twinges anywhere. It was a relief. Exercise and better health quest is cresting and cruising along the awesome sauce road and I was going to be bitterly disappointed if I had done something to curtail and/or redirect that.

But since I rarely to never work from home on Fridays, it felt like Saturday to me. Then J was discussing our session on Monday, which my brain interpreted as a Sunday event, and I woke up this morning first thinking it was Monday and I was late, then remembering we had scheduled noon, me for the sheer novelty of being in the gym at an unusual time. So from there I realized that no, Monday is a holiday, and thought for sure it was Sunday. I got dressed for my pilates class at the yoga studio, when I finally figured out it’s Saturday from a brief period of panic that I blew off a regular Saturday appointment with a client. I start to text him an apology for standing him up without calling when phone points out it IS Saturday. Thankfully back on track.

If it’s only Saturday, why am I getting dressed to go to Sunday’s pilates class? F**k it, I think; not a soul in that entire gym will care if I am wearing my usual t-shirt or my yoga tank top. So I don’t change my clothes. However, I do put on socks and sneakers. I can only imagine the talking to (and rightly so) I would get for trying to go through my practice barefoot on the gym floor. I admit to seeing five fingers on feet anywhere and cringing inside.

And guess what? There was no ensuing scandal or people running from the gym screaming because of the blinding white of my skin that sees very little sunlight. The funny thing about Bikram yoga, it is the only place I have ever been to regularly where I have felt self-conscious for being too covered up. It seems to me those people would practice naked if they could get away with it, and it honestly does not seem to matter at all what size or shape of their bodies. I have to admire that kind of confidence and focus on doing their own practice.

Thus far, it has been a fantastic Saturday. Got my gym practice done. Chatted with my client (he is actually out of town for the holiday and we were not scheduled to meet face to face today) and received some surprising and amazing bonus news. I am digging deeper into my endless closet and pulling crap out and rapidly filled several bags for donation. Because the clothes are TOO BIG or no longer suit me. I am closing in on fitting into a couple of tailored skirts for next winter, so they got to stay awhile longer. Favorite things are still favorite things, and thankfully it’s way, Way, WAY too hot for wool blend skirts.

Then there is cooking. Grocery shopping is on the list this afternoon, because I don’t think we have anything left to prepare food with. Bananas and protein powder are not going to cut it.

And it’s hot. And my day is still wonderful despite the heat. Although if you ask M, when he eventually straggles in from a 20+ mile run/walk in the bright sunlight and heat, it’s miserable out there. Okay honey; you know there are these treadmill things at the gym, with air conditioning and everything, right? We are different that way, and I get it. Run on a treadmill? There would have to be nuclear fallout and deadly levels of radiation to make that happen, and even then I’m not really sure – hazmat suits could make than manageable, right? Another lady I see most Saturdays working with her trainer was heading outside to do cardio today and I felt so sorry for her. Outside, with the bugs, and the sun, and the warm temperatures. Ugh. Maybe swimming would be okay. But I might have to work harder on that whole blinding white skin thing. Unsuspecting bystanders, small children and such; it seems a safety hazard.

Glorious, liberating Saturday. Practice and work-work is now done, some decluttering accomplished and more yet to do. Get some groceries, cook some food for the upcoming week, and then I can get back to cleaning house to get it back into some semblance of order and diving back in to my disorganized chaos closets (because I have 1.75 closets and M has a very spare quarter to third).

Or not. The nice thing about weekends with no real commitments is being able to do whatever I want, even if that includes curling up on the couch with a book. Or floating in the pool with my iPad. Or taking a nap. Possibilities are truly endless, AFTER grocery shopping and restocking the fridge and pantry.

Happy weekending everyone!

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