I was able to have a stable fasting morning to get to the lab to have blood drawn this morning. While the lab opens at 7:15 and I got there at 7, I was still number 24 in line to get registered and drawn. An hour and 20 minutes later I am finally getting the needle in the arm and chatting amicably with the phlebotomist.

We were chatting our my exercise routine – hiring J and the painful start of very basic movement patterns and such – to now when I am learning body part splits (gee, I kinda sound like I know what I’m talking about). He was a couple of years older, used to own a gym, and from his t-shirt (from Louie Simmons’ gym – I only recognized it because J has the same t-shirt) and the general bulkiness under the shirt and lab coat, yeah, I would say he probably lifts some weights. He has been working out and lifting regularly for 43 of his 57 years, primarily to manage his own health and wellness. I thought that was very admirable.

Anyway, he asked me where I train and I told him, and he mentioned using what I think of as a musclehead gym. He gave me a card that I could use as a pass for a couple of weeks entry. It included his name and telephone number, and he said to give him a call and he’d be delighted to show me around and work out with me sometime.

What I thought was just a nice guy being helpful and friendly M said was more like a guy looking for a date. It’s true I was not wearing my rings; I typically put them in the safe at night and when I remember, put them on when I get home from the gym. But I have been with M and married so long it never even occurred to me this guy might be trying for anything other than just being nice to some gym newbie who is finding her way with ongoing hand-holding from a personal trainer.

I am kind of thrilled by the mere idea that it might have been a guy kinda/sorta hitting on me. I am oblivious to all but the most direct, straightforward type invitations, and typically those have been from lost boy children looking for a mommy figure (I know …. ewwwwwww!).

M was greatly amused at my delight over the thought of this turn of events, that this other male person might have been attracted enough to kinda/sorta want to see me again outside his drawing station. In another part of life M himself was a lonely phlebotomist, so he remembers the temptation of an attractive and seemingly unattached woman.

The card for the musclehead gym? It’s now in the recycle bin at home. Even if I were single and carefree, I would definitely fail to thrive in a place like that. But it reinforced to my mind that I missed the gym this morning, and mind was zooming off and pondering a rare evening practice after yoga tonight. Because mind is addicted and is thinking dreamy thoughts about a lower body workout, since shoulders, chest, and triceps are chattering after yesterday’s new sequence of events. We shall see how the day progresses, but even with the long wait to get the blood removed, that nice man truly made my day, even if it was not quite his intention.

Happy Friday everyone!



10 thoughts on “So today this happened …

  1. 🙂 Sometimes we just need that little bit of “boost” – we are still attractive to others – not that you/we are looking! I really, really wish you could somehow bottle your motivation for exercise so I could buy a case (or two!) and get just as motivated! I absolutely dread going to the gym. I go maybe 3X week – usually to use the treadmill for 45-60 min. for cardio. That’s it. I know I should be doing weights, too. :-/ Happy Weekend! Enjoy it!

    1. SMS, take heart and give yourself credit for going, period. We all start somewhere, and 3x week to treadmill is something. I have learned to stop discounting myself and my efforts; everything counts.

      1. Yes, exactly. Except I apparently even see the menu I have been (happily) dieting so long anymore. But it was fun, and DH having to point out that this nice man may have had an ulterior motive (still not convinced, but fun to imagine the maybe) was hilarious.

  2. I still love that M had to point it out to you. Plus you know I love M but it also shows how secure you both are in your marriage! But it’s a good thing to get reminded that you are beautiful and have a warm and welcoming personality…..something you forget 🙂

  3. Very true! You and M have one of the happiest marriages around Now why are you up this early!

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