A second post today, but it is kind of important for me to keep track of health stuff and sometimes the days from all melt together. It has been quite a week with doctor appointments.

Today I had a second opinion sort of visit with my former, non-Kaiser endocrinologist about my thyroid tests and readings. I was afraid my very green family doctor at Kaiser was not quite experienced enough to be prescribing for this problem and I wanted a consult with someone I trust and who specializes in this sort of issue.

So glad I did … worth every red cent of the fee I paid out of pocket.

He reviewed my labs and ordered additional bloodwork as well as an ultrasound on my thyroid. While it’s going to cost me slightly more money to not use my insurance, it’s worth the $23 more to have him reviewing my labs and ultrasound results. An endocrinologist should be examining and diagnosing any abnormalities in my thyroid function anyway, and he is far more conservative with medication if that is warranted, which he is presently not sure in this case. That alone made it worth the cost of the consultation.

We also had a discussion about my diabetes management – he is very, very pleased that I have done so well and continued to improve with the exercise and better, healthier eating habits. That my A1c so firmly in the normal range and that I continue to be well controlled without medication is inspiring, he wishes even half his patients would try some of what I have been doing. That is always so nice to hear, particularly from someone I like and respect as a medical professional.

As for battling my weight, did I realize I was down 18 lbs. since the last time I had been in to see him? Ummm  no, apparently not and thank you! In his view, controlling my blood sugar and managing my diabetes is highest priority, and now that I have done that, working on my weight goal does make sense, but for him it is not necessarily the imperative it was when I was on insulin and other diabetes control medications. My weight is not “fine” from a BMI or standardized weight chart, but the fact is that I am dropping weight slowly via a better eating habits and steady, consistent exercise. There could be something amiss with my thyroid that will require attention and intervention. That I am not gaining weight could also mean my thyroid is wonky yet functional, and that it simply takes more time and more effort to rehabilitate my metabolism. Either way, my lifestyle changes are very worthwhile and I am heading in the right direction.

Until he actually said that, I had not realized how disturbed and lower level worried I have been that there might be something else really wrong with me. On the one hand it would have been good to have a specific reason and cause for not shedding lots of weight yesterday, but it is somehow more relieving to know that this is just the way my body and system works and it will happen in time if I continue doing the work. I would rather not become obsessed about the scale, and I would really rather not have anything medically necessary wrong with my thyroid function. Yes, thyroid results require additional tests and continued monitoring, but medicating for it is serious business. He would much rather not start me on medication for it if at all possible.

And since we were discussing medication, there are apparently prescription drugs to help with weight loss, but he is reluctant to give them to me at this time. I have gone back and forth about asking about or for them, and in truth at the end of the day, I think I would rather continue on my present trajectory and see where it takes me next. It is encouraging that he thinks I am doing an excellent job with my health, my non-Kaiser primary thinks I am fine and on the right track, and it is only Kaiser as a whole that is obsessed with the scale yet seemingly unwilling to offer any further solutions to make me get thinner faster.

And there is apparently no medical urgency to my getting thinner faster. I am already doing the right things – I exercise daily, eat majority of real (versus processed) foods, drink plenty of water, get adequate amounts of sleep. The rest is time and patience. All my other health markers are good – cholesterol readings are well into the normal ranges and I do not suffer from high blood pressure or anything else.

So really, what am I worried about? I have no idea. Healthy eating, eat more protein is an ongoing work in progress, but in no way, shape, or form am I failing or even falling behind. The crazy making is coming from sources well outside my village realm, and I need to push that shit back and turn off that white noise.

All in all, I feel infinitely better about things. I have long felt happier and healthier, now with good reason and the atta-girl backing of doctors I trust.

9 thoughts on “Yet another medical consult

  1. that is good news! I’ve been saying for awhile now when it comes to nutrition that I only have to deal with the decision in front of me now, not what’s gonna happen at a birthday party next week or during the holidays. Each day is a choice and it sounds like you are making some good ones!!

    1. Z, how nice to hear from you – I hope things are going well for you. Yes, I completely agree that it is a day-to-day, meal-to-meal decision that we must make to stay on track. Does not mean I like my choices a lot of the time, but I do like the better health and happier feelings that come with it.

  2. I am so glad you went to someone you like and trust. Plus you are making all the right choices for you:)

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