California’s state fair is currently going on, so M and I spent a Saturday afternoon stomping around and looking at exhibits and kinda/sorta eating fair food. I say it that way because the last several years we have pared down the amount of junk food we consume, and this year was about the best we have done thus far. Fair food is a tradition in this household, although I could probably get my annual corn dog much cheaper at the Hot Dog on a Stick at the mall. But since I have only one corn dog per year, I choose to pay a premium and eat it at the fair. We also skipped shaved ice this year, partly because I’m jealously guarding my sugar/carb calories and I felt like I would prefer to blow them on something else today.

I did break my french fry fast with a potato sort of spiral cut into chips and deep fried on a piece of wooden dowel. While M can certainly enjoy and run off the damage from a brick of french fries, I am not so fortunate. But it’s the fair. It’s only once a year, and I will now resume my french fry avoidance.

7/16/2016 – M’s idea of going vegan while at the fair.

We walked and walked and walked all over the place. While near as we could tell it only got to 94 today, wandering around on the hot pavement made it seem so much warmer. I was not complaining, surprisingly. Because this was the first honest test of my fitness since I began consistently spending time in the gym last October, and I felt fine all day long. Yeah, it was hot. Yeah, it was a lot of walking. But I did not feel frustrated or cranky or even particularly tired. My handy dandy fitness tracker says I went just over 17,000 steps for today, but that includes a full 2 hours at the gym this morning and some of those steps were done there as well.


Apparently my son-in-law was arriving with his best friend about the time we were leaving and C was meeting them after she got off work. Alas, our paths did not cross this year, but I hope they are having a lot of fun as well.

This year there were guinea pigs in one of the exhibit halls, and I got to wondering – are they just pets? And hamsters, too – just pets? Is that their whole purpose? To be eat and drink and procreate if allowed? They were very cute and the biggest guinea pigs I think I have ever seen, but still. I had no idea there was a competition for these creatures.

Every year the exhibits and such seem diminished from the year before. One of the things I noticed this year was how many people were running around in motorized chairs, many of them rented at the fair itself. The number of even older than M and I are people scooting around in those was maybe 10% of the folks observed, with another 10% with feet or legs in casts or obviously injured and incapable to walking comfortably throughout the grounds. Sadly, the rest of the folks in them seemed to be overweight, and I feel ashamed for judging them in this way. They could have problems beyond weight that lead them to utilizing such a vehicle to get around and enjoy the fair; I have no idea what ails them. However, every time I saw someone using one of those chairs that did not seem to very old and frail or injured, I thought about me in 10 years, or 15 years, or even 5 years had I not started to change my ways. It is yet another piece in my cautionary tale that keeps me wanting to stay mobile and active and take better care of my overall health.

In that regard, I admit being kind of impressed with myself today. I thought for sure since I’d been at the gym for a pretty rigorous and successful practice this morning I would have less energy for walking all over the fair for an entire afternoon. But no, I came home from the gym hugely energized and it just seemed to carry forward into the rest of the day.

And a very good, fun day it was.



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