Sorry for this interruption in our regular programming, but DAMN! I have spent a portion of each of the last 4 days trying to clear out the former firm administrator from the Federal  government’s bid opportunity programs

First I had to get a notarized statement from the managing partner to request the change in entity administrators and to replace my predecessor as the firm’s representative in one system.

Then, as the newly appointed rep in that system, I had to scan and submit a second letter for change of representative in the second system.

Then, since the notifying email and password went to spam, the password expired. While trying the link to reset the password, I get a notification that the entire account has been deactivated.

So I email support and explain the situation, only to be told that I need to contact the registered system administrator and ask him/her to reactivate my account. Ummm … near as I can tell that is me, and I cannot even log in to do anything without a *$!@% password.

Another email very explaining that in nice, professional, business-like language. And now I wait.

Our tax dollars at work. In the meantime, at this rate of hair-tearing, I may be sporting a wig at G and K’s wedding September. Hopefully I will have this problem resolved by then.

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