Today I crossed over into undiscovered country with 300 followers. I am hugely flattered that anyone actually follows, reads, likes, comments. It’s humbling that my little blog about me and my adventure striding purposefully (sometimes) and stumbling, bumbling, falling down, getting back up (other times) through life has acquired any sort of readership.

Thank you. With my whole heart, thank you.

I started blogging because I had begun following and participating in quite a few blogs in the personal finance realm. But very quickly I realized I am so NOT a personal finance blogger; I am more a “welcome to my messy life” kind of blogger. In the last year my focus has turned sharply toward better health, exercise, and diet, yet not exactly. I have never published a recipe (I kind of hate cooking). You will never find me offering any sort of exercise advice (other than hire a fabulous trainer like trainer J to set you in the right direction). And I am typically bending over backward to remind you that I am not an expert in anything and that your mileage may vary.

My posts tend to be epic monologues that run well past the 1000 word standard most bloggers pursue, but since I am not an audience blogger (obviously) I tend to only pay attention to the word count in morbid curiosity, and no matter what it is, I do not edit down and barely proofread (again, obviously). Same is true of my statistics. The primary reason I know I crossed the 300 follower point was because the little notification that I have a new follower told me so.

While blogging has always been a way to keep friends near and far abreast of my activities (since I am not really a social media user), it has morphed into a public journal of sorts and the whole tumble of thoughts and ideas that run through my brain appear here. My husband, my adult children and their spouses (soon enough – 6 weeks to G and K’s wedding!), my friends, and even my coworkers and clients to a very anonymous degre all appear here in various shades and forms. My glitter-bombing unicorn/positivity terrorist ways are still relatively fresh and new, but I suspect they may expand even more before it settles down in just a relentlessly cheerful outlook. And that’s okay. Because I hear it’s my blog and I can be uber happy if I want to. *smile*

But really, this is about you, my followers, my readers, my virtual (and real-life) friends – THANK YOU so much for giving me a slice of your time and attention. I know there a lot of blogs out there, many with interesting or racy or salacious or helpful and informative commentary. I feel very, very fortunate to have been found, followed, and read by each and every one of you.

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