It finally happened – I overslept when I have a training day. Or so I thought, anyway.

This morning I woke up, checked the time on the clock, and my phone read 5:11. Okay, I thought, and then realized – I have training at 6! It’s 5:11! Typically I leave my house at 5:15 for a 6 a.m. appointment. HOLY SHIT! It is 5:11 and training is at 6!

I do not think I have launched from bed so quickly in years. Frantically texting J to ensure we’re meeting at 6, throwing on my clothes, heading to the kitchen for the protein shake, thinking I could get away with a really minimal upper body warm-up, because I think it’s upper body today … and then I stop in my tracks ….

and realize it’s only Sunday.

I will spare you what highly uncomplimentary thing I said about myself, because mostly I was relieved to realize it now, rather than when I got to the gym and found it dark and spooky.

And I just looked up my pilates class and realize I’m blowing it off today, because I do not care for today’s teacher. No idea yet what I will do at the gym when I eventually get there – after 7 – but something. By then I assume my heart will have stopped racing.

Ugh. Nothing like putting my hyper-responsible self through it’s “what if” paces every now and again. Thankfully just a false alarm/fire drill.

Happy Sunday to the rest of you! Hopefully your days are getting off to a calmer start.

4 thoughts on “Sunday – I am so crazy

  1. ROFLOL!!! I overs;eat this morning and I did have a workout scheduled. Luckily as I went to text D I saw he had already texted me to move the session back a hour! Whew!

    1. *laughing* I know, right? I could not believe I did it, overslept, and then I started realizing that J didn’t text me his normal reminder, which it’s not his responsibility. Then I realized I didn’t go through my alarm check, or get my bag ready, or all the other things I do most nights before training appointments or even getting up to go to the gym in the mornings. I was actually pulling on my shirt and scurrying down the hall (no small feat for me) – when I realized it was Sunday. Duh. I am such an idiot. Took today as a rest day, as I have obviously been working way too hard!

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