So I had my annual mammogram last week, because several friends had theirs recently and I wanted to be part of their growing clique. Plus it was just time for mine, and with breast cancer so rampant throughout my family (my sister and too many aunts and first and second cousins) have died from this in my lifetime, I need to stay on top of these screening things.

Except I got The Call today that there is something to investigate further and I have to go back for a repeat performance. Oh joy. Then I got a The Second Call saying that they may also do an ultrasound, so I should be prepared to spend more quality time with them on Thursday afternoon.

The day just gets better. Thursday afternoon is turning into a scheduling nightmare, but I think my bosses are presently more freaked out than I am, and of course they/we can reschedule anything and everything to get this done. My health is highest priority. (I have the best bosses; they are genuinely kind, caring men. Plus talking boobs and potential breast cancer with their business manager makes them uncomfortable anyway.)

I am not putting on the brave face here, but it seems a little pointless to worry until the next set of results come through and tell me whether or not this is something to worry about. My first thought while I was talking with the scheduling staffer? I wonder how long I would be out of my gym loop, quickly followed by how I better enjoy the bump up in upper body weights while I am still able to do so.

Both thoughts made me smile and then laugh when I hung up. I am not the same woman I was this time last year, and yep, I really have crossed over into the exercise weirdo dark side. Then again, it’s training day (recap writing in progress) and I feel great, so it’s a little difficult for me to get agitated about the unknown until more information is available. Until then, I’ll just continue my skipping along the yellow brick road of life and wait and see what happens next. Plus now plotting to go through a List tomorrow that lets me enjoying moving my newly increased dumbbell weights to and fro.

9 thoughts on “A not-so-fun thing coming up

  1. I got one of those calls last November, went through a biopsy, and it was benign. Here’s hoping they are erring on the side of caution and good for you for not blowing it off with your family health history!

  2. Hey sometimes its good to be part of the “cool crowd” although this is not what I want us to be cool for. But as I have said a million times it beats the alternative. I totally agree there is no sense in worrying..but I am the one you talked off the ledge last year…but this year when they called for all the extra tests and the biopsy I was almost zen about it. I knew it my heart it would be negative. And I know your on top of this. I am sending giant balls of glitter to you 🙂 Maybe we should get matching bumper stickers;) Keep us posted. And all good and happy thoughts

  3. Had the same scare a few years ago ~ thankfully all was OK. Just fibrous tissue. Best to be overly-examined/tested with a history in the family. Early detection is key. Nothing more important than your health. Keeping you in prayer – keep us posted. (HUG)

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