After a very shopping-crazed few weeks I have found The Dress for G and K’s wedding. There were 17 different dresses delivered to my home or office the last couple of weeks, and not only were there 17 different dresses, there were 17 different dresses in 2, sometimes 3 different sizes. Because I’m just not sure what size will actually fit anymore. But after all that drama, all those boxes and envelopes and packing material, I actually found The Dress walking through Macy’s on Thursday. I was telling K that I have teal radar, because I had returned 8 (or was it 9?) rejects to Macy’s killing time before the mammogram appointment and was enroute to the handbag department when I saw it along the back wall of the store. I really liked it, and immediately took a picture and sent it to K to see what she thought. She loved it. So I snagged a couple of sizes off the rack and marched myself into the dressing room to try it on.

After 10 minutes, photos sent to K and a couple of other friends (with notes to ignore wrong bra, wrong shoes, just look at the dress), agreement that it was PERFECT, I went directly to the customer service desk to buy it before doubt could set in. And I bought both of them, because the smaller one fit, but it was snugger than I wanted, but just in case.

And it was on sale, plus if I opened a Macy’s card I not only immediately got an additional 20% off my purchase, I would receive an additional 20% off in statement credit. I was weak, I caved. One of these dresses will be going back next month, but I have both now for the just-in-case scenario.

Without further ado:

7/30/2016 – The Dress for G&K wedding
7/30/2016 – My original choice, which has since been bumped to rehearsal dinner dress.

The rehearsal dinner dress I can definitely wear to work afterward for as long as it still fits me. The exercise is paying dividends in that clothes are getting too big while I still enjoy and want to wear them. Thankfully, both of these dresses were cost effective – rehearsal dinner dress was $23 (from and the dress for the wedding itself, after discounts, was $48 (less than half of the original price). Not bad!

I returned the last of the other dresses to Nordstrom last night, so I am, quite happily, down to just what I am actually planning to wear in September. Well, except I’ll be returning one of 2 sizes of dresses for the wedding itself afterwards. I am worried that I may reconfigure my figure a bit more in the remaining 6 weeks and need the smaller one. I know, I know – me and my first world problems.

Which brings me back to my gym crazy, which appears to have returned in a light version.

I went last night, which was not terrible, but did cause some anxiety and mild freaked-out-ness. But I got through it, came home, showered, went to bed … and woke up at 3 when M left for his run and tossed and turned and woke up every hour checking the clock to see what time it was, if I had again slept through the alarm. Nope, it was 3:35, then 4:05, then 4:52, then 5:38, and finally it went off at 6 a.m. And OMG, I had the absolute worst stomach cramps. I thought I might have to take the day off, but drinking a bunch of water, ate some crackers, and it finally settled down.

But in that extra hour before I went to the gym, negative girl escaped and started whispering in my ear. She’s such a bitch.

I like my routine. Saturday’s I like to be in the gym around 7 and have plenty of time to get my practice completed before the TRX class at 9. Today, since I did not even get there until 8, there was going to be some overlap. Mostly I was fine; once I got started on my List of the day I was booking long going through the various quadplexes, 3 sets each today. Unfortunately I was only at the third of four when the class started and the gym crazy started mushrooming inside my head.

And it’s funny, because I see the same lady every Saturday morning and look forward to our brief interactions, so that was nice. But when the pressure of the class and this family made me feel the gym crazy flaring up.

It must be time to backslide a little. Or it is the phase of the moon. Or pressures from other subsections of life are making me crazier than I realize. Whatever it is, I started thinking about the wedding, then we are on vacation, and I will be out of the gym for a week, and OMG what will happen to me, what if I never return? Spin cycle commences.

Truth is I will be fine. I will miss my Thursday while we are on vacation, and depending on J’s schedule and whether or not I can snag a rare Monday afternoon appointment – in mid-September – I may or may not miss the following Monday. And yes, this is still almost 2 months away and I’m breathing into a paperbag about it right now. Because, really, I have nothing else to think about. I only have a couple of critical project deadlines looming on Monday and boatloads of work to plow through this weekend, and I’m having an anxiety attack about going to the gym?

I am so crazy sometimes. Sound mind has temporarily checked out and left crazy brain in charge.

And in practice today, things were going really, really well. I hit my efficiency groove, had plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and then slammed into the wall when I realized my usual time for departure had arrived and I was into only the third block. Fourth block got shortchanged today.

Part of the flare-up is surely related to the yoga studio where I take my classes on most Friday nights and pilates on Sundays is merging or expanding or something and changing its name, fee schedule, etc. I cannot say I am surprised, but I am not sure how impacted my particular classes will be in the shuffle. Plus I have a 3-year unlimited contract (purchased for a super steamy $699 when the studio ownership changed) that does not expire until September 2017, and I need to ensure they will honor that once the dust settles.

My Friday night yoga class has already been changed starting next week, adding 30 minutes of yin to the 60 minute Bikram class, so I may be doing something else instead. Pilates on Sunday mornings is holding steady for now. I kind of like this yoga one night a week, pilates on Sundays schedule, so I am feeling disappointed about the change on Friday nights. I’m going to try it, though; maybe I can do 30 minutes of yin or just leave after the Bikram portion is concluded.


So that’s my Saturday thus far, mostly a little crazy and actually quite normal and uneventful. Off to my project work and getting brain out of crazyville and back to business.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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