Monday morning, training with J. I am back to first appointment of the week, as my earlier morning sister in the tribe is struggling. Hopefully she is able to return to a regular schedule soon.

For today, for now, we got started and had a fun, happy, sweat-dripping day. It was glorious.

A1. DB Power Squats (4 sets, 8-10 reps, 30 lb. DB x2)
B1. DB RDLs (4 sets, 6-10 reps, 35 lb. DB x2) 
C1. DB Walking Lunges (3 sets, 8-12/side, 20 lb. DB x2)
C2. Goblet Lateral Lunges w/Pulse (non-alternating) (3 sets, 6-8/side, 15 lb. KB)
D1. Mini-band Glute Bridge (3 sets, MAX, X-heavy/heavy bands doubled) 
D2. Pushup Position Plank (DBs for handles ok) (3 sets, 20+ seconds each)
E1. Mini-band Clamshells (3 sets, 15-30/side, X-heavy or heavy band)
E2. Band Resist Rotation Press (no rotational ab workout)  (3 sets, 15-30 seconds/side)

It was an exciting day of first for me. And silly, silly me, I have found myself getting emotional and eyes filling just thinking about this and how far I have come in the last year. We did stuff I know, with new weights, and revisited older exercises I had not realized until today that I had actually missed. We also did these in the spirit of Dr. Spencer’s original routine, with no filler exercises in between.

This was only my second, maybe third experience with the power squats, and J went right for the bigger boy dumbbells. Last I recall doing these, we were using 15s. This time, we warmed up with 15s, went directly to 30s. So exciting. And while manageable, I was not prepared for how weak my hands felt afterwards. The grip is going to take some additional work and attention. J assures me my hands and my grip will improve in time. But we all not patience is not one of my virtues. Perhaps my calluses will be more as well. I am so not a girly girl; I am uber proud of the calluses on my palms and fingers.

On the Romanian deadlifts, the bigger, heavier dumbbells were a lot of work. The grip strength was another factor as well. This was my first time with 35 lb. DBs in each hand ever. And it worked out pretty well. Sometimes I hear echos of negative girl in the recesses of my brain when we start new things and I feel especially imperfect at new stuff. This time is was the grip thing and the minimum rep sets. But have I mentioned that I have the uber fabulous trainer? J remarked on my earliest days and how perplexing I found this movement. I would stand there trying to learn how to hinge and keep my shoulders and upper body rigid with this little tiny baby bell. It makes me laugh thinking about it now, but I remember thinking so hard, trying so hard. And still not getting it. Took weeks and weeks and I still wasn’t sure until I stopped obsessing so much and just did it. And now I’m up to 35 lbs. Sometimes it feels like I will be 5 years down the road and lifting different weights and still marveling at how far I have come since those very first days.

The walking lunges, my great nemesis, we bumped up to a pair of 20 lb. DBs. I freaking hate these things, but even I cannot deny they are extremely effective at elevating the heart rate … assuming I had been wearing my heart rate strap and monitor. Dead on arrival this morning, left at home plugged in to charge. The lunges, however, were not terrible or horrible, merely … nemesis. But I have made progress on these. Mostly I don’t weeble wobble, and most of the time I can make my way across the room in good form. Today was not quite as fantastic as I might have liked, and I seriously doubt they were pretty to watch. There was no corrections coming out of J’s mouth, so I must have not looking so gawd awfully bad. These have been such an ongoing struggle for me, every List of the day I make it across the room and back is an excellent day. Now I’m up to the 20 lb. units. Hard to imagine making it this far.

Goblet lateral lunge with pulse … interesting and kind of new. We have done lateral lunges of various stripes with and without weights. This was the first with the purple kettlebell held in goblet position and then once in the lunge position, press the kettlebell straight out (I suppose that’s the pulse of this). Something about me and lunges, they do not come naturally. Forward, backward, sideways – lunge anxiety never seems to end. This too shall pass, eventually. I made it through the walking section after all. J tells me the pulse part is for the abs, and yeah, I feel that. But mostly I am trying to figure out how to make lateral lunges work out better for me.

Late last year, when I was doing basics A and B, glute bridges (with and without mini bands) were a staple. I mean, I did them just about every single day, either in warm-up or as part of my List of the day. It has been a few months since these appeared on a List and while we go through these in pilates, I have to work harder at the pelvic tilt to engage the abs on the lift. With the double bands it is really challenging to press against the bands, tighten the abs, elevate the hips. These and everything plank have me thinking thinking about what my hips could be doing. But doing them again in the gym is different than pilates. Because in the gym the temp is not 105 degrees.

I may be showing improvement in the pushup position planks. I forgot to count today – I’m pretty dependent upon my phone timer – but they felt better. The dumbbells also make it less icky on my wrists. Now I just need to set my timer and get through my 20+ seconds of planking.

Mini-band clamshells will be my new go-to instead of side planks in pilates, only without the mini-band. After yesterday’s disaster with my classmate doing burpees I am realizing that I could do these while everyone else is on their sides side planking. The side planks have been aggravating my shoulder, and I have been doing regular planks

We did not do the band resist rotation press this morning, but J had told me he might revise it and/or move things around. Sometimes he adds things, subtracts things, changes thing. I am familiar with this one and will be able to do it.

So this was the latest and greatest (so far) legs List. It was fun. It was a lot of fun. But I say that every week.

Working steadily at my 30 day cardio challenge, primarily from lunch walks. I’m keeping up and on track. I kind of wish the same was true of my eating plan. It was a terrible weekend for eating. Anymore I do not eat a lot of high carb meals, yet I did so both days of this weekend and felt kind of shitty from it. But if that’s the worst thing I do anymore, it’s not that bad.

I’m making steady progress and so ridiculously excited about it. It truly is the little things in life and in the gym that make me happy. Right my workload is peaking and consuming most of my time, but it should settle down after tomorrow.

But I’ll still be in the gym tomorrow morning doing my List of the day. It’s the best start to my days.

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