Unfortunately, I think the curb won.

8/19/2016 – M after tripping and falling into a piece of asphalt curbing on his daily run.

This is the photo I received via text shortly after arriving home from the gym. I thought for sure he would want me to come pick him up, but M is nothing if not tough. He said it was road rash and he’d be fine walking/running the 10 miles back home.

My thought when I saw him when I got home from work? Thank goodness I restocked us on bandaids. We already had plenty of neosporin – I cannot live in a house without a generous supply of neosporin – and now neither of us can live in a house without an abundance of bandaids, gauze, and paper tape as well.

He’s fine tonight, his pride possibly more injured than his face/lip, elbow, hands/wrist, and knee/shin. One of his front teeth now has a tiny chip that will probably have to be looked at and attended to as well. It’s definitely escalated our search for yet another dentist.

I am so grateful the outcome was not worse than cuts and scrapes. And wounded pride, of course.


14 thoughts on “M versus asphalt curb

  1. Ow! I love how he said he could walk/jog the last 10 miles. I’m not sure I would have been able to walk the last 10 feet! I’d be saying, “Come get me, Janelle!” Then again I’m a big baby.

  2. Love my new dentist in fair oaks…Dr Chan and his daughter run a fabulous practice Sun Oaks Dental at Fair oaks and Sunset.. both did their residency for a year after graduating. The are more dental surgeons so there is no need to refer out but do all the routine stuff as well. Competently priced.

    P.S. don’t you just love those reverse crunches?

    1. Thanks for the referral! I’ll call them on Monday and see about getting an appointment. Reverse crunches are my new arch nemesis. But I’m doing them and will keep doing them until I feel like I’m at least competent at them.

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