Trainer J was back in residence at the gym today, so that was a pleasant surprise. While we did not have an appointment today – ours remain Monday and Thursday – it’s always just nice to know he is around for guilt-free questions and quick consultation when the “what am I doing wrong now because this isn’t working!” wails in my head begin. Admittedly it has been awhile, but still; safety nets, security blankets, and lifelines are characterized that way for good reason.

But we had an opportunity to chat after I was done with my practice and on my way out, so I got caught up on his nice vacation (yay!) and did a quick, off-the-cuff review of my own practice week in the gym.

As I wrote about here as the week progressed, I was fine in the gym on my own. But don’t for a minute think I’m contemplating giving up my training sessions. However, if J leaves for Dubai tomorrow, I know for sure I’ll be fine still getting up and going to the gym each day. Life continues as normal even without the trainer J security blanket for questions or minor freak-outs over Lists. Or rather, life will continue with former trainer J evolving into friend J #2 being peppered with questions or minor freak-outs. The original friend J did a fine job of standing in last week, after all. But I do not think trainer J is bugging out anytime soon. Thankfully. I still have so much I want to learn.

It occurred to me today that daily gym practice or pilates or yoga or some form of cardio are the steady drumbeat of my life these days. The jazz is training. The jazzier jazz is getting to enjoy other things because I have that steady rhythm of regular, consistent exercise going for me now.

Last night M and I had dinner with runner friends passing through town – Chinese food, always a favorite. Blood sugar this morning was running higher than usual, and practice this morning was a bit of a slog for the excess carbs I had consumed and was sweating off. Still, all good. I was still present for it, went through it rather efficiently. I love my practice time, my however many minutes of thinking and processing inside my head. Now I’m finishing up some work and preparing to meet K and her stepmother for K’s dress fitting and lunch afterwards. Tonight I have a client event – more bbq! – which is the fourth such social thing I have had this week with clients. But it has been more fun than obligation, and my swag bags were bursting.

In my head there is more acceptance that my healthier eating is improving even if it is still imperfect. RD tells me frequently that I’m too hard on myself on this front, that I am doing better than many of the clients he sees every week. I do not necessarily disagree, but I see the need to develop some better coping strategies with regard to stress. The degree to which I seem to be an anomaly in the client stable makes is mostly very positive, but it’s still hard to believe I am not Jane Average when it comes to eating, exercise, etc. Actually, I always thought myself Jane Below Average to Jane Lazy Slacker when it comes to diet and exercise. No one like that lives here anymore, and the one who would be so generous in her characterizations has been permanently incarcerated.

So above was a start to this post, and then I just suddenly ran out of time and had to dash off to pick up K and get to her dress fitting appointment. The wedding is now 20 days away and she was worried about fitting into the dress (would not zip her first try). After a 6 lb. weight loss, the dress zipped! Still alterations are needed to make it fit perfectly. And so the drama at the bridal shop begins.

K’s appointment was at 1 p.m. The seamstress comes in, looks at K in the dress, and asks if she can come back tomorrow. Because seamstress wants to let out the dress a bit (walking is important on your wedding day) and the seamstress wanted to let it out a bit before venturing forth on the hemming and other alterations. This woman’s english leaves A LOT to be desired, she spoke fast and not very loudly or clearly, and K was not understanding what the problem was. They had an appointment. Finally K’s associate explained that there was an emergency wedding dress that had come in and was taking a lot more time than expected. Finally understanding what was going on, K and the shop staff agreed that we should go have lunch and come back in an hour, 90 minutes, and seamstress would be ready for us at that time. Complicating matters is that K had another appointment at 4 p.m. and is playing soccer tomorrow, so she was holding firm to the appointment time.

We had a nice lunch and when we returned the seamstress was on the last of the major dress rebuilding for the emergency bride. The dress itself looks beautiful, and it was utterly fascinating to watch seamstress pin and fit the dress to K’s body. At the end of all that, I dropped K off at her appointment and she caught an uber home. It worked out pretty well, one more item ticked off the to-do list.

The wedding preparations definitely add an edge of jazz to my days these days. As do client summer BBQs and socializing. In light of my social anxiety about going places, doing things that make me uncomfortable, it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that I have the best clients. Probably 92% are just genuinely pleasant people to be around, and the other 8% are either bigger organizations without any personality or soul.

Many days I just realize how lucky I am to have the life I lead. May my ego and sense of entitlement stay reasonable and I never think that I deserve more and fail to truly appreciate all I have right now.

It’s been a great Saturday, very satisfying.




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