I am in a bit of a reading frenzy right now. Work-work is getting back to normal full-time busy (versus the double-time busy it has been the last month) and I have more blocks of minutes available to  pursue my interests.

Yesterday in my recap I mentioned intermittent fasting. Before yesterday, I had never heard the term, although I apparently know quite a few people who practice it in some form or another, M being one of them. Only he just calls it fasting. And it’s pretty much just the way he eats.

But now I have this term for it, and I am partially immersed in it. Okay, okay – taking a header down the rabbit hole of intermittent fasting. Quick internet search lead to articles, and the articles had sources and websites and all this intriguing information. A lot of it it anecdotal or pseudo science or in my judgment wishful thinking bullshit, yet interesting all the same.

Another thing to add to my blog mystique? (I really don’t have any, but one can dream, right?) I am a bit of a quiet, geeky/nerdy person. Before those terms were cool and in vogue, I just thought of myself as a knowledge junkie. I would read things just to read them and learn interesting, obscure things. I still love the dictionary and am especially enamored with the online dictionaries to look up mysterious new words that cross my path everyday.

The intermittent fasting currently has my attention. Before that it was cycle dieting, which is unlikely to ever be something I am even tempted to consider pursuing. Friend J, who is a rock star when it comes to food and fitness, has dabbled and rejected it as a thing for him. As he puts it:

Screenshot 2016-08-23 18.11.46

And he was doing so well with the f-bombs recently. Since my adopted baby bro has way more discipline about this stuff than I ever will, I respect that it is unlikely to be something I would ever consider pursuing even as a lark. And I’m perfectly okay with that, and knew it before he started dabbling with it on his adventure eating. Yet my curiosity was still piqued enough to read about it. Being a huge Scott Abel fan also helps.

I did discuss intermittent fasting very briefly with J and RD, both of whom have tried it and have thoughts to share. Dr. Spencer, my current village elder when it comes to nutrition and overall health, says it is something he would help me pursue if I wish, but we will have to be very careful because I am diabetic, very well controlled or not. I’ve tabled further discussion until next week, because I wanted to do some additional research on the topic.

There is some minor appeal. I like the idea of only having to only eat 2 meals daily, because it would simplify life for me not to have to think about food after I get finished working. Mostly I like the idea of learning about new things, and in this case, alternative ways of fueling my body. Even if I discard this as something workable for me, my body, my life and lifestyle, I still like that I will know more about it when it comes up in conversation.

RD is extremely wary of this pathway for me, and trainer J does not think it is something he can recommend for me either. So I am already influenced against the trial and error experimentation. Still, the knowledge junkie in me wants to know a lot more. And away we go.

These are not the only avenues I am in pursuit of right now to satisfy my knowledge quest. I’m reading and rereading business and other books related to project management, time management, and general good habits and life skills to influence my own work/life balances well as training and working with millennials fresh out of law school and entering the work force via our firm. I have a couple of books on meditation that I must find time to finish and then start practicing what I am learning. Plus just what I am reading for fun – fun books and blogs and forums and such – and I really need work to be a little more full-time normal for awhile.

Learning new things, reading about new things, even if it turns into being judged as crocks of shit, is intriguing to me. As trainer J said to me yesterday:

Screenshot 2016-08-23 18.05.53

Which reminded me of Sun Tzu’s Art of War … now on my virtual nightstand stack of books to read or reread. While I do not see this research as pursuit of an enemy, there is a lot to be said for gaining understanding of what others are thinking.

Since intermittent fasting is not something I am seriously pursuing, I have not requested any direction from J or RD or even Dr. Spencer about research materials. I’m a dilettante in the intermittent fasting realm. Actually, I am a dilettante in the any/all dieting realms. But my walking associates are weight loss junkies and were intrigued and reading up as well. I have heard all about their experiences on weight watchers, Jenny Craig, whole 30, Atkins, Paleo, and smatterings of Ketogenic and so many others I cannot remember. If I were someone interested in pursuing diet supplements they could tell me what worked and for about how long. In the diet rodeo, these ladies have been round the block a few times. And it’s truly kind of frightening.

This rabbit hole is pretty shallow and is unlikely to retain my interest very long. Still, it’s intriguing all the same.

And now I have something else to discuss with J on Thursday. Our conversation dance card is always overflowing.

My inner nerd girl is giddy with excitement for all the cylinders currently firing. I feel my inner balance leveling out once more in not having to think about or having other people’s problems invading my brain space.

It is truly the littlest things that are making me happy these days. I have loosely planned days for the balance of the work week with a lot of room for flexibility and changing my mind about my daily agenda and pursuits. My morning routines are needing some tweaking, I think. I like getting up early (most of the time), and I like my gym time (almost always), but I would like to find some additional yoga time in my weeks. Maybe. It’s one of those embryonic ideas that I am still batting around inside my head. A couple of my work associates are doing more yoga and stretching and invite me to join them. Work and time constraints limit my ability to add another hobby/activity to my schedule. I am not giving up my daily gym time for yoga, so I have to squeeze any yoga/stretching into my existing schedule, which means evenings or lunch hours.

I’m thinking about it, though. I like the way the stretching and the yoga class makes me feel.

And since I have migrated into feelings … despite yesterday’s long venting lamentation about the old friends who are giving me so much grief this summer, these are not horrible friends who are being really mean to me. Their shortcomings, and my own, are small cakes within our long history, and this too shall pass. Or not. My point is that the things that suck the joy out of my day-to-day life are the things I am actively working to eliminate or at least severely limit the influence of those factors. I like being happy. I like the ebbs and flows of work. I have come to really look forward to the lunch hour walks with my cadre of associates and have high hopes it will continue into the cooler months. Most of all, I really love the woman I am evolving into and the direct and indirect benefits of my better health quest.

Since we don’t have a dog I do not believe I am becoming the person he/she would think I am, but I am finally accepting that I am the person my family and my friends love and appreciate, not the fake poser of negative girl’s projections. I finally have the courage to truly look at myself and see, really see, more clearly now.

And I worked hard to get through my bewilderment and puzzled I-just-don’t-get-it states, and I waited a really long time for that tiniest bit of knowledge to finally find its home in my head.

I am worth the slog, worth the wait; knowing that is the best part of this learning adventure so far.

5 thoughts on “Knowledge junkie

  1. “I am worth the slog, worth the wait; knowing that is the best part of this learning adventure so far.”

    Amen and Amen!!!!!

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