I have been shaving sleep the last week or so and went to be early/on time last night to try and feel more rested today. Yay me!

I woke up at what my brain told me was 6:30 a.m. in a panic because I had somehow slept through my alarms and missed my gym practice window. Mind was racing about whether I could somehow reschedule my workday for a later start and still fit it (practice) in this morning. Springing up and out of bed, grabbed my phone and headed for the bathroom, thinking about the club’s parking lot being repaved and how dark it is …

Then I looked at my phone clock – it WAS 11:57. It was still REALLY dark outside. M, whose alarm goes off at 2:45, was still soundly sleeping. Brain was messing with me.

I am such a doofus for believing it. But I was so relieved. Another 3.75 hours until my alarm went off. Thankfully I am someone who has zero issues falling right back to sleep.


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