My office is f**king FREEZING!

The last few days, our thermostat has been stuck on 65. We move it up to a more reasonable 74, and it’s still blowing snowflakes. Call building maintenance, they try pointless somethings and it’s still blowing snowflakes. Finally, they figure out there’s something broken (ya think?) and order up the broken part. Replacement part ETA: next Thursday. WTF?

In the meantime, we have 2 choices – turn off the air and fan completely, or live with the arctic temperatures. Turning of the air and fan makes this office stifling and even worse than the A/C blowing continuously, so we are mostly living with the arctic temperatures. We have outlawed (by the building) space heaters running in our offices, with frequent step-outside-to-warm-up breaks. Seriously, I am wearing a long-sleeved top and tights, keeping whatever jacket on all day. I have noted a couple of the attorney’s with beanies on their heads in their offices and lots of long sleeves and winter sweaters are turning up everywhere.

Yes, it’s the middle of August in northern California. And I understand that I cannot really blame our building’s management for this current debacle, but I am doing it anyway. Honestly annual HVAC maintenance cannot be so costly that it’s better to skip it year after year and wait until something breaks and causes great inconvenience and strife with your tenants.

Days like today, weeks like this one – I cannot wait to move from this building.

2 thoughts on “Before my regularly scheduled Thursday post …

  1. Next Thursday? Really? What the hell? Can some vents be shut off to reduce the amount of cold air? Wow – that is tough one. But hey – you can try on all your “winter” clothes and see what fits! 😉

    1. I know! We’re just rescheduling meetings and using the building’s conference room for meetings. The rest of the time, we’re just using space heaters like crazy. But yes, I am looking at my wool skirts and jumpers and planning on try-on fest this weekend.

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