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This morning I was having a discussion with an associate about our mornings at the gym. She belongs to another club chain and typically goes a couple mornings each week. We were discussing equipment and pondering how clubs decide which machines to buy and how many smaller accessories to populate the various workout areas. She was complaining that “her” area in her gym seems to be kind of stingy on weights she wants to use and trudging across the gym carrying her equipment should count as part of the workout. Since this morning the pairs of 30 lb. and 35 lb. dumbbells were in use in my little room, I have direct and immediate experience with what she was discussing in that I too had to trudge out to the big boys room to fetch a pair of each and then return them. I view it as the cost of doing exercise business, although I agree it does get heavy carting 60 and 70 lbs. of dumbbells to and fro.

Yes, me and my high-brow conversations with coworkers.

These could be our versions of “farmer’s walks” per trainer J. I had to look up the term – do I look like Janelle Appleseed to you, J? But no, it’s a real thing. There are apparently workouts and proper form for this sort of thing. The first pictures on the internet make my whiney sad self feel puny and insignificant in comparison. Maybe I am the princess type more than I realize. Strongman competitions, where I guess these farmer’s walk things are popular, use big GIANT weights. I might be successful picking up and carrying one of those big things, assuming I was using some sort of mechanical crane.

And that concludes our “make me say WOW!” segment of today’s post.

In other news, it is almost the end of August and we are revisiting the August challenge. I completed mine – 26 days (so far) of at least 30 minutes of dedicated cardio. So did my friend for whom the challenge was created, and so did my daughter. So proud of both of them, as they took it a step further and are on track to finish 31 straight days of at least 30 minutes of walking or other cardio for the entire month. We win!

The final tally of paid participants ended up being 38, or a $1900 pot of cash. While I actually know about 20% of those 38 participants, I am sort of sad to report that a lot of them dropped out the second or third week. Apparently finding 30 days to take a walk or bike or elliptical or something else was too much for them. A couple of my good friends decided against signing up because of vacations, scheduling, or simply not wanting to torment themselves that way. I completely understand that.

For me it was turned into a fun way to spend 30 minutes of my lunch hours when I am in the office. Several of the ladies here now join me for a walk every day, which has been and will continue to be great for all of us. C and I frequently got together on the weekends for a long hike through my neighborhood and to visit and catch up. C dropped some weight doing this and is now contemplating trying some of the machines at the little gym she and her husband joined a few months ago. Baby steps.

My friend who really needed something to help her up and off the couch found a whole community in her own neighborhood to join and has plans to continue her daily walks to try and get better control of her health issues. I’m so happy for her, because as much as anyone I know how difficult those few few tentative steps outside our comfort zones.

All in all, my August challenge turned into a lot more fun than I anticipated, but I am so glad the pressure is now off and I can simply enjoy taking a walk without consciously counting minutes and such.

A fairly quiet, productive Tuesday without a lot of blog-worthy topics. But still a really good day thus far.

3 thoughts on “August challenge and “farmer’s walks”

  1. Ahhh…trainer D has added the farmer walk around the gym with “light” 35 lbs dumbbells as the “resting” portion of the workout. Once more I am reminded I need to buy him a dictionary – he doesn’t understand fun, light or resting! Congrats to you, C and your friend – great accomplishment!! I forgot – what happens with the money? And what is the next challenge! 🙂

    1. Oh my! Trainer language is not the same english we speak, for sure. Of the 38 paid entrants, there were 4 of us who finished, so that was $475 in Chipotle gift cards! I divided mine into my $50 original investment for M (I hate Chipotle), and $212.50 for trainer J and RD, who both love it. Cilantro – which they use a lot of there – tastes like soap to me. M eats there occasionally, so the $50 will be great for his occasional forays.

  2. What a great update! And so awesome that others were inspired to join in and make some changes. Sounds like for all the people who have not been on your side throughout your journey, you’ve gained people who ARE!

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