As of today, G and K’s wedding is officially a week away. I am looking forward to it; I know it will be a lovely and memorable event, a milestone in each of our lives.

But I cannot WAIT for it to be over.

The following Tuesday we leave for our annual 5 days of air racing. I have mixed feelings about it – the air races are definitely more M’s thing than mine. The best part to me is actually the qualifying heats during the week, because there is no air show filler in between and the stands are not as crowded as they are Saturday and Sunday so I can relax and read my backlog of books. And bake in the sun, of course.

Being away and outside my typical routines will make me more appreciative of my day-to-day life. Or so I keep telling myself. I feel plenty grateful for my day-to-day life anyway.

More than anything, I believe I have wedding fatigue. There are A LOT of social and schmoozing events scheduled in the next week, and part of it is directly my responsibility. The bridesmaid brunch I can handle – it’s only 7 of us – and my daughter is pitching in like a true champ. Rehearsal dinner is at a restaurant – whipping out my credit card should not stress me much. The rest of it consists of simple get-togethers with K’s family and the kids’ out-of-town friends, nearly all of whom we already know pretty well.

I think I just hate being this overcommitted with events while trying to maintain my normal work routines. I am taking some time off in the afternoons next week, but as much as possible it always works better for me to stick to my regular schedule.

This morning I realized Monday is a holiday, and that I actually do have the day off, as the office closed at noon today and will not reopen until Monday. However, several of us were still there at 3 p.m., dedicated worker bees. Or we are simply enjoying the phone not ringing and an opportunity to catch up and clear off our desks.

We had some fun at the running shoe boutique, buying M some new shoes. His last pair, purchased on May 1, split down the sides yesterday. Yep, a pair of shoes, almost 2000 miles, and time for retirement. This time we were a little smarter and bought 2 pairs to rotate, since he likes them well enough.

The day has been a good one, the weekend will be busy with cleaning house and yard in preparation for wedding festivities. Thankfully we are relatively neat anyway.

Happy weekending everyone!


2 thoughts on “Holding patterns

    1. Yep, I hear ya and have said the same or similar things. He has several pairs of road shoes that he rotates, but his trail running? He has 2. But now that he has figured out that he likes the latest version of what he’s been wearing, we are awaiting a pair in his size to arrive on Wednesday.

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