Less than a week away from the wedding, and things this shit is getting real! But thankfully I have other stuff to download about today, other than wedding shopping, etc. Of course, my other themes – diet and exercise – loom large right now. I feel like it’s cresting to a new transitional something and once more the peanut gallery is full and expressing opinions. I have a whole other post on that in process as well.

In other words, bear with me. The shopping craziness is over and the wedding is less than a week. I keep telling myself to grin and enjoy it, maybe take up medicinal drinking, too. We have a couple of those airline size bottle of booze hanging around from other occasions and I was sorely tempted to slam one down tonight. Purely medicinal, of course. I avoided it, and a trip to the nearest grocery store stocking ice cream, chocolate, soda, and not necessarily in that order. Instead my experiments with vegan muffins continue.

Anyway, my day went something like this.

Wedding gown drama. There is a big huge difference between The Dress (mine) and The Gown (K’s). The Gown has been through 2 rounds of alterations and is still not fitting comfortably. Last Thursday was supposed to be the final fitting, but it was still too tight in the hips and thighs, rendering walking difficult and sitting nearly impossible. So this morning K had an appointment for the last fitting – hopefully the shop had gotten it right and fitted so she could actually walk and sit down in it. I asked last night if she wanted me to go with her, for moral support if nothing else. Her reply “If you want to. It’s probably going to be more of the same.” was not exactly inspiring for her frame of mind. I gave her the happy platitude that all was going to be fine, all the while realizing I am platituding her because I don’t know what else to do or to say. This morning, at 7:45 while I’m at the gym getting into my practice, she texts that she would really like it if I would accompany her, because she’s afraid of what happens if it still doesn’t fit. I’m fine with that … except the appointment is at 9:15, and the shop is downtown, about 40 minutes from my house. I rush through a little of each of the remainder of my List, try (not 100% successfully) to quash all feelings of guilt, and console myself that running out of the gym counts for something.

This time, dress was better and worse. She could walk and sit down comfortably with room to spare, but now it was too big in the waist and gapped and gathered inappropriately and the top was still not laying correctly. We are less than a week from the wedding and it STILL doesn’t fit right? K is understandably upset. The problems started long before the seamstress got out her pins and started the alterations process. The dress was supposed to be here at the end of June but did not arrive until mid-August. When K would call to check on/track it, she was told every week for multiple weeks that they didn’t know where the dress was but it would be here in plenty of time. Alterations were started 2 weeks ago. When she went in Thursday things she thought would be done were not done. Same story again today. Monday she’s back for another fitting and will be picking it up on Wednesday no matter what.

This whole process has been a horrible nightmare. At the end of the day, the dress doesn’t matter; this is about Graeme and Kayla. But it’s sort of heartbreaking on top of everything else going on that must be dealt with. What is it about weddings and funerals that bring out the worst in families? Except for us, anyway; we are probably kind of awful in a lot of little ways all the time.

While K was changing the seamstress looked at me and said she would work very hard to perfect the dress for K. I explained that the whole family are a planning breed, that the pressure of time and deadlines is weighing upon us and it feels like the problem is getting worse instead of better. There is a bit of a language barrier, too; this woman is originally from south America somewhere and she’s not only difficult to understand, she speaks very fast and says the wrong things. At one point she told K her body was “complicated to fit” for this dress. Seriously? You work with brides all day every day and you have one already unhappy and upset and you say THAT to her in the middle of a fitting? It was a very tense time and I am now really glad I went.

Work. The dress fitting also took long enough that I had to push back an appointment with a client across town. He’s leaving the country for a month and he had a list of extras for me this month, all of which can wait to be started on when I return from my vacation. I haven’t seen him in a couple of months and was surprised at his appearance – he’s been using a meal preparation service and has leaned out and looks nearly gaunt in a good and healthy ways. Next up: he is switching over to an even more vegetarian diet (is not yet ready to acknowledge he’s going more vegan), giving up the last of his poultry and fish.

Suit shopping with M. From there I raced home and went with M to pick up his suit, which fit perfectly, debated the tie issue again, dropped his shirt off at the dry cleaners to be professionally laundered and pressed. Other than a t-shirt that actually fits his runner skinny self, he’s ready to roll.

Domestic choring. And finally back home for M to finish cleaning up the back yard – an ongoing daily chore – and fold the laundry that seem to have piled up all week while I have been busy with other things.

That’s the highlights of the zooming. It’s just been a very busy, hectic day thus far, but I am not especially surprised. Our ducks are mostly in a row. I still have more cleaning to do, a bunch of stuff to drop at the donation place, and plans to firm up for social events this week. It’s crazy, but we’re working at it and getting it done.

But as I said, while I know it will be wonderful, memorable, and absolutely magical, right now it’s a lot of work, pressure, and stress. Plus trying to keep everyone together and calm.

Amazingly, I am the calm and clear-headed parent in all this. I must be am better at this mom stuff that I ever realized.

2 thoughts on “Zoom, zoom, zoom went the Saturday

  1. You seem to be doing great at the mom stuff!!! I can’t even imagine the stress for K! I’m sure it will all work out – but really not needed stress!

    Have a wonderful week of social madness! I would likely need a week alone to recover from it all! And enjoy it!

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