Home from The Wedding!

Well, that was last night, and I was too tired to finish this post. The day was long, the ceremony beautiful, the reception exciting and fun, and I am grateful and happy it went without any big glitches.

My son teared up when K walked out and down the aisle.

My daughter and K were both crying after the ceremony when C offered her congratulations and tried to express how happy she was for them and all that sisterly emotion was unleashed.

I was pretty dry-eyed through the ceremony, but got tearful during the mother/son dance (OMG – so thankful that is unlikely to ever happen again!). So happy for and proud of my son.

The groomsman, the bride’s brother, and her sister’s fiance were at my house for a few hours to get ready. They arrived at 12:30 for lunch, and according to the timeline were supposed to be getting ready, taking pictures, from 1 to 3. In that time, G realized he’d forgotten K’s gift; C was dispatched in G’s car to get it. G realized he had forgotten socks; a pair of black dress socks appeared from M’s sock drawer. At 2 p.m., I was still standing around in shorts and a t-shirt, M was grabbing a power nap, and the boys were standing in my kitchen drinking beer and yakking. It was nice – a couple of them I had not seen in several years and I was excited to catch up as well – but I had to use the mom voice to get them going. It was fun, and funny, watching them scramble to get themselves pulled together and pocket squares ironed and folded and button covers affixed.

Despite my leniency with the timeline, we all got to the venue on time. My kids’ dad’s family were already there, and we had a couple of hours to visit and catch up. Doesn’t matter than I divorced their son and her brother more than a quarter century ago; we are still family. My XH’s sister’s oldest daughter is one of K’s best friends (and introduced her to G) and she still calls me “aunt” Janelle. Family is forever.

I met so many of K’s friends, G’s I haven’t seen in a very long time, and was spontaneously hugged by so many strangers and new friends and told how lovely and wonderful my son it and thanked, repeatedly, for various things. I almost felt badly for my spare shadow on Facebook.

People ate, drank, laughed, and danced the reception away. The music was loud, a mixture of all sorts of old rock, disco, rap, and even a bit of country in the mix. It was good.

When the big moment came, what I was wearing didn’t matter. The Gown and all its drama didn’t matter. Fatigue, anxiety, and everything else faded away. In the moment, it was about love and joy and happiness. In the moment, everything I hoped for and dreamed of for my son and his new bride came true.

It was beautiful. It was magical. It was perfect.

And yes, I am so happy and relieved it is now concluded.



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