September is a mess with eating. Just eating – not much “healthy” in the personal fuel consumption. I did a quick estimate of my consumption (then added at least 10% per day, because estimates are typically low) and found it was very unpleasant. Which is why I have this love/hate relationship with MyFitnessPal and other calorie and nutrient counting apps.

But I knew that. The Wedding and its socializing. Stress, work, time off – these things tend to derail the predictability of my daily habits. We leave tonight for vacation, and since we will be at an outdoor event for 5 days, there is a little “healthy eating” food to be found at the food trucks and standard vendors. Lots of things like burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza, chinese food, funnel cake, beer, etc., but no salads I would eat. My best bet is a burger stand run by an aviation boosters group, sun tea, and bottled water.

And to be honest, I can barely bring myself to care. My blood sugar during my daily checks has been within the normal ranges. However, it has been running higher because of the amount or crap, processed food I have been consuming.

It is not that I have fallen so far off the wagon or wandered off the reservation with my better health quest. In a way this is planned detour, in that I am not beating the crap out of myself for not doing a better job of controlling my food intake during these celebratory and relaxing times. Instead I understand that I am doing these things and feeling okay about it. I have no plans to eat this way forever and ever, and loaded in my kindle are more books on diet and exercise.

Better health and better habits are intertwined – I cannot have one without the other. This time last year, I worried a lot about returning to the gym. And at that time, during those vacations, I was doing little other than meeting with J once a week for our training sessions. This year, I am thinking about getting back home next week and getting back on track with normality. Where I get up and go to the gym, eat my usual breakfast, pack one of my normal lunches, eat the same meals for dinner for days at a stretch.

I am looking forward to returning to a boring creature of habit.

Maybe, probably I will kinda/sorta miss all the extra carby delights I have been consuming. Likely there will be some addictive withdrawal symptoms. But oh well.

We are now here and officially ensconced in our home away from home for the next 6 days. It’s fine, if you like hotels. While I have theorized in the past that there is some emporium that sells nothing but ugly bedspreads and drapes to hotel chains, there are not as horrible as many. The carpet is another matter entirely – ugly, ugly, ugly. We are at the end of a very long hallway, and I think if I am feeling energetic I could do the entirety of multiple sets of walking lunges down it and then collapse at the junction to the elevator. Mini band forward, backward, sideways walking – I have plenty of room to do all in a single out and back.

The fitness center – one of those resort perks I am required to pay $20.08 per day for – is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Being the early morning exerciser that I am, I am supporting the rest of the guests by paying my daily fees. Fuckers. Damn capitalist scum. My comment card is full of my strongly-worded opinions that they are damn capitalist scum. My online review will probably be even worse.

I am in quite the feisty mood at this start of a relaxing vacation, because I am typically the very nice one in the family. Must be the Nevada air, or being away from home, or being on vacation and leaving my pollyanna self at home. Who knows? Most probably I am just irritated by paying a fee that does not benefit me at all.

Between the walking to and from our room, climbing the stairs to reach our seats at Stead, and just all the walking around we do on this junket, I fully anticipate getting a good heavy hit of cardio these 5 days. So that’s something.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday. Not sure how much blogging I’ll get done while we’re here, but probably some minor missive dispatches each day. And relaxing. What is it about people telling you to relax and have a good time that immediately makes me feel tense and images of root canals floating through my head? Negative girl may not be a sealed off as I wish.

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