It’s Thursday, and since I am away on vacay no training with J this morning. *sad face* Hopefully he has not permanently given away my slot(supremely doubtful, but flittered quickly through my mind along with a little laugh as I was boarding the shuttle bus this morning). I had my own red shirt on today in recognition of playing hookey from training.

9/15/2016 – From my perch at the top of the bleachers. I truly suck at selfies.

While I was absent from the gym, the allure of the long hallway is proving difficult to resist. Today I mini banded my way forward, backward, sideways down and back. Partly to stretch out my legs that were in surprisingly good shape after yesterday’s leg-apalooza. At 5 a.m. no one on my floor is coming out of their room and wondering what I am doing going up and down the hall with a mini band around my ankles.

The weather at Stead has been nearly perfect. I am sitting with a sweatshirt on through much of the day, but that, dear friends, is far preferable to melting in the sunshine. Sunscreen on the face is so much more pleasant when it does not melt to the skin. There have been no mishaps involving injuries, although a couple of planes have had issues and had to land unexpectedly and very safely.

M is having a blast. Between watching the flying events and time in the pits socializing with aviation friends he is having a fantastic time. Today was all about the Blue Angels – setting up and practicing, then going through a practice performance – but the racing was excellent to watch as well. The exhibition flying is not that interesting to me, but I do enjoy the actual planes racing, particularly the jets. Between heats and race flying, I’m reading or chatting with people around me or hiking up and down the stairs to use the facilities.

Still being a numbers gal, fitbit tells me today is 17,518 steps and 46 flights of stairs. Being high up in the bleachers has some definite cardio benefits. I am also almost finished with my second book and have a few to load up on my Kindle if I run out of stuff to read this week. Emails were limited, texts were sporadic bursts throughout the day.

On the eating front, I brought an apple and a bag of almonds with me today for snacking, and found that food-food held no appeal. M brought back this lovely potato chip block thing that was surprisingly easy to resist. Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, an apple and some almonds at the races, and then a nice chicken caesar salad and some watermelon for dinner and am calling it a good eating day.

The thing I am really having to watch is the fluid intake. Since it was not skin melting hot, I have been drinking fluids but perhaps not quite enough. Weird feeling in my back when I climbed down and then back up today, and M suggested it was dehydration even thought I felt pretty much fine. I took him at his word and got busy pouring iced tea down my throat. M paid $15 for this huge jug thing on Wednesday and we can get refills for $3, which is an absolute bargain since a 16.9 oz. bottle of water is $3.25. We bring in 4 bottles each (that we bought at the grocery store last night for $4 for a 24 pack) and then refill our iced tea bucket in between. Those 46 flights of stairs? I absolutely believe it.

Anyway, I am very much enjoying the time to kick back and read books that have inspired a gazelle-intense type interest for me at this moment … which is probably a whole other series of posts sometime in the future. Suffice to say most of my vacation thus far has been spent thinking about work, but for me this is a very good exercise and use of my time. If planes and their motors and pieces and parts fascinated me the way they do M it might be a different story. But we both know this trip is his thing, not mine, and I do what I do to have fun and feel disconnected from regular life stressures and relaxing while here with him. It works for us.

And while I missed my training session today – something I did not even think about when I was on a couple of different vacations last year – I am reaping the benefits of an improved physical condition. I go up and down those stairs feeling really happy and excited, marveling at my new-found ability. It’s one thing to feel competent and powerful in the gym and quite another to be out living my life and find out how much strength and ability I have achieved in the last year. It’s been a genuine make-me-say-WOW! type experience.

And honestly, it truly is the little things in life that make me feel this happy and free.

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