The weather this year has been extremely mild and pleasant. Of course, we are also sitting almost at the top of the bleachers and the parties sitting at the top have put a tarp over the back fence that keeps us as well as them comfortably shaded all day long. So shaded that I was putting on my sweatshirt at 3 p.m. when the wind kicked up.

Our favorite jet went down in one of the last races of the day. Thankfully the pilot walked away and is fine, but the plane will not be competing this weekend. The de Havilland Vampire is a world war 2 era jet that is rather rare these days, yet there were 2 running in today’s jet race heat. I think this was our last opportunity to see a vampire fly this year.

Numbers today: new record of 20,295 for steps today and 54 floors today. It was a busy walking day – I toured the static displays with M and since I am determined to drink enough water, I was up and down the bleachers many, many times. The long hallway has become this source of challenge and contemplation for me, and I was again mini banding my way down and back this morning. Unfortunately that’s all I had time to do today; sleeping until 5 is my luxury item during this vacation period. I finished book 2 and began book 3, but racing was kind of exciting today and I did not get as much reading done as previous days. Oh well. I have no goals for this vacation other than to relax and enjoy my non-working time.

My carby indulgences of a bagel and coffee (at least with protein powder) continues. At the venue today I stuck to my apple and almonds for lunch supplemented with iced tea. The concession stands hold little appeal for me, and I am happy to come back to the hotel feeling hungry for dinner. My caesar salad tour of Reno restaurants continues, and I am hopeful to get home without gaining any weight. It’s not that I am trying to only eat salad; overwhelmed with choices that are either going to send my blood sugar up or potentially make me feel lethargic and crappy in the morning, I stick with my trusty go-to meal.

This vacation thing is odd, because I keep forgetting it’s Friday. Only a couple of days left, but it has been very enjoyable this year. And M is having a ton of fun and making a lot of new friends. That M has fun is very important to me, so I would say vacation is going very well for us thus far.

Hope you all had a great week!

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