Every year, the crowds start on Friday and very quickly become nearly unbearable on Saturday and Sunday. Our tickets are in the reserved grandstands, but we have people coming in from all over the place and sitting in the more desirable row just above us. Then the guys who actually purchased those seats arrive or return and there is this whole musical bleachers going on all around us.

Being such a pollyanna about following the rules I find it annoying. Being crammed into bleachers by people who do not have seats in the area is really annoying. But oh well. M and I get there early – we are typically the first folks in our section – and affix our seats to the bleachers and leave them there. We have no issues with squatters, but they are climbing all over us or we have to stand/move our stuff for them to climb in and out.

The weather warmed up today, but our seats are pretty well shaded and it was not as nearly as uncomfortable as it has been in prior years. Outside of the aforementioned crowds and standing up, moving our stuff, sitting down again it was another really nice day. The worse is the Blue Angels hour long show, when everyone seems to be glued to their seats. But then it’s nice because they all seem to get up and to leave immediately afterward, making the hike down to utilize the facilities so much easier.

And speaking of facilities – I was totally traumatized by them yesterday. The outhouses all have locking doors that say occupied (red) when in use or vacant (green) when available. At a glance one should be able to see if the room is in use. Or so I (and any other normal person) would think. Except yesterday, twice in a row, I pulled on doors that said vacant only to capture a glimpse of a naked leg before the door was yanked closed. Twice. In a row. What was seen cannot be unseen, and I feel completely traumatized by the event. Today I employed a new strategy and only used facilities where a woman exited immediately before I went in, therefore assuring myself it was empty. Silly, I know. But it was awful.

Today’s racing was eventful. No injuries, thankfully, but one plane made an emergency landing and then caught fire, and 2 others had to pull out of races and make emergency landings. The fire was the worst, but the pilot jumped out before the fire engulfed the plane.

The second de Havilland vampire jet also won its race today very decisively, so that was exciting to watch. The pilot who crashed landed yesterday was providing color commentary on the jet races and explaining the details of what had happened to the plane. Why the engine failed is still undetermined.

No reading today, with all the race excitement of planes pulling out and emergency landings, but still a great day. Per my fitbit, 17,883 steps today, 32 flights of stairs. I ran through a quick upper body workout this morning, a mini band fest down the hallway and did make my way to the fitness center to investigate its offerings. It’s very nice, but I skipped equipment and used a bench to do planky stuff and the floor for planks. I’m way off the reservation as far as Lists go, but I’m on vacation and at least doing something every day. Except tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m sleeping until 5:45 and calling my hiking at the airport adequate exercise for the day.

The fitness center scale is my new best friend, though. I weighed in last at home on Tuesday, and as of this morning the scale here says 3.3 lbs. lighter.

Eating has been pretty unremarkable. Again today it was an apple and some almonds for lunch, lots of water and unsweetened iced tea, chicken caesar salad at yet another restaurant for dinner. My sinuses are all stuffed up (although I feel fine otherwise) and that could be the culprit.

Tomorrow is the final day of air races, then home on Monday. It’s been a very pleasant week.



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