Today was the last official day of our vacation, tomorrow morning we head back home. It was a good time, relaxing, and M enjoyed himself enormously. As for me, I got to read quite a bit, got to meet new people and make a few new friends. It was also not unbearably hot this time, both because the weather here was pretty mild and where we sat was shaded most of the day. I did, however, manage to get a sun burn on my hand today. There are a few hours each morning where the sun shines directly down on my right side, and I had not thought about putting sunscreen on the backs of my hands. The rest of me was pretty well covered – long sleeved shirts, long pants, hat – and facial sunscreen, always. I just hate using sunscreen; it feels utterly gross on my skin, especially when it’s blisteringly hot and it sort of melts into the skin in a really icky way.

All in all, it was actually a spectacular vacation. The air races, while pretty far from my first choice, has enough interesting things in the racing itself to retain my attention for at least part of the time. The air show part of the program? Not so much. Once is plenty for me to see the blue angels program as well as the other arial stunt demonstrations. I enjoyed seeing the unusual planes and the static displays, but it was significantly smaller than prior years. Chatting with the new section people we met this year was great. The family in front of us with very young, very quickly bored children? Not so much.

There was some drama on the field today, but again, thankfully no one was hurt. There were 2 separate mishaps where planes had the equivalent of fender benders while on the ground. There were several maydays, but again, the planes landed safely and the pilots escaped without injury.

I took the day off from exercise, and finished off the week with yet another chicken caesar salad at yet another restaurant. Other than a sugar-free coffee drink, I also avoided all venue food in favor of snacking on an apple and some almonds.

One of my friends asked me about winning/losing in this gambling town. I was honest – we have no even considered gambling while we have been here. If I am going to waste money, I am sure Amazon is happy to take my money in exchange for books or goods. As entertainment I suppose it’s okay, but just walking through the casinos going about our business it’s the weird, glazed over expressions that I find so disturbing. I do not believe in the concept of easy money, and gambling just seems like a big black hole waiting for me to fall in and become truly untethered and lost.

Back to work tomorrow afternoon, as I have to go in to do payroll and write a few checks. Then training with J, and of course laundry and catching up on mundane domestic matters like laundry and mail.

I will say I feel a lot more relaxed than when I arrived, and now looking forward to getting back into my day-to-day structure and routine.

4 thoughts on “On the final day of air races

  1. Sounds like you had a good vacation and still fit in lots of exercise!!! Hope the trip home wasn’t too bad and good luck jumping back into work!

  2. Safe travels! Glad you & M had the time away after all of the wedding festivities! I, too, deal with people who sometimes are in the predicament they are in due to their own choices – and getting them to see/understand this can be frustrating. But we can only do so much – it’s eventually up to them how they want to proceed with their life/business. Can’t take it personally (even thought, I admit, I am like you in wanting to help “fix” the problem – which my husband has to remind me regularly that I can’t resolve the problems of all the clients I come into contact with!)


    1. Thanks, S! Got home okay, had the unpleasant phone call with my private client, and then an even less pleasant day at the office. But tomorrow life returns to normal and I have a plan to deal with it all.

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