Something I read this morning mentioned struggling to find meaningful posts to write. That gave me pause – are posts supposed to be meaningful? Oh man! I am so doing this whole blogging thing wrong if that is a rule. And if that is a generally accepted truism, I have a different interpretation of blogging and content.

As a corollary that life requires balance, I would also say life requires consistency. While I am almost OCD in my need for structure and routine, I really get a great deal from the process writing a blog and leaving said blog up and open to be read. Therefore, I strive to write and publish something every day. Content? Sure, I have some. Meaningful content? Depends on the reasons you read.

But that’s only a small part of the equation. Most of the time I strive to write and publish something every day because sorting it out here works for me. I would survive and continue to thrive without blogging, but I would have another writing outlet, a personal journal at a bare minimum.

My thoughts this morning are not profound or meaningful or deep. They simply are and it makes me feel better to share there here. Whatever your reasons for being here and reading, my hope is occasionally you smile or nod your head in agreement or even laugh out loud at some of the thoughts that scamper through my brain and find there ay here. Perhaps you even recognize some of your own good (or not so good) habits. Or maybe I am a cautionary tale on how not to do a lot of something.

Whatever brought you here, I really appreciate your stopping by and spending a few seconds with me.

So what am I thinking about this morning? When I started this post a few hours ago, sleep.

My plan yesterday was to get up and go to Pilates class this morning … which started 15 minutes before I finally woke up and tore myself away from the depths of sleep to check my clock. Mild disappointment followed, but I needed sleep more than I needed pilates this morning. Gym and then work it will be.

It’s now late morning, nearing afternoon, and I have been doing domestic chores. Unloading and loading the dishwasher. Cleaning my bathroom. Vacuuming the house. Putting away the piles of folded clothes. Bagging piles of wonderful pants that I wore at the air races that are too big and idly wondering what size I will have to purchase next year to replace them.

And now, get to the office for a few hours of work-work.

This post is one of those long, drawn-out, multi-stage posts. It may not be very meaningful to anyone but me.

Work, I find, is very therapeutic. When I am irritated with other aspects of my life, work generally makes sense. This weekend, not so much, but that’s okay. I am not as familiar with the technical aspects of the law, but it is always good to feel part of the bigger picture.  After missing pilates this morning and being tired after working all weekend, I declared today an official rest day and the end of a wonky month.

I enjoyed our time away. I really loved my son’s wedding. But a new, normal week starts tomorrow and I am very excited about it. Even if it’s not all that meaningful.

What is meaningful … I’m having a few dozen moments off and on all day. I have my own List of things to discuss with trainer J in the morning. I have to restrain myself from buying a ticket to Switzerland to alternatively hug the stuffing out of and slap some sense into a tribe family member. I wrapped my first Christmas present today and have to buy cards for friends celebrating birthdays in October. Then it’s Halloween. Then it’s Thanksgiving. Then it’s Christmas and another new year.

Perhaps this is the most wonderful time of the year.

Weather is changing and the balance of the year is slipping away. I am in not in any rush to move through my days, there is no future Big Day remaining in 2016, but I am still very excited about the next few months. I have a pile of books to finish, a whole other wish list brewing. On top of which I am pondering some new directions with my little self-employment business and how I spend my work-from-home days. And maybe I will develop some new hobbies in addition to my training with J and practice on my own.

The weekend – what weekend? – went by in a bit of a blur. Tomorrow starts a new week and the end of a very busy, hectic, crazy month. All is well and good in my corner of the world.

And this post, this mish-mash of airy fluff, is the product of a long day. But negative girl is contained and I am both relaxed and happy right now, maybe borrowing a page from my cats and plotting world domination.

Life is good. And with that, I bid you all goodnight and a good week ahead

3 thoughts on “Being meaningful

  1. I struggle with that as well. It’s not that I think all of my posts need to be meaningful. I know though that I’m going through a particularly rough time and it’s very easy to use my blog to spill out all my anger and frustration. I really prefer when I can be sort of philosophical and write about something broader than just me and my problems. Then again, some days I just post recipes!

    Ultimately though I think you’ve got it right. Like you I try to write almost every day. I’m good for 28-30 articles a month so that’s pretty consistent. It’s my blog and some days I’ll talk about my problems, some days I’ll post recipes, some days I’ll post things I’ve written long ago, some days I’ll post song lists, and some days I’ll post about something that has made me think. It’s not all deep thoughts and that’s not a bad thing!

    1. You know, Sam, there is a lot unpleasant things to face in your life right now, and I certainly do not blame you for the anger and the frustration and am happy you have an outlet for it. Having so little control over critical decisions and choices that impact my children would drive me to the same point of rage. I seriously doubt my ability to be as gracious and as patient as you have been thus far.
      I use the blogging as a way to sort out my stuff. I’m struggling with various aspects of my life, and while my issues are small cakes in comparison to many, I have worked hard to stop the comparison process. It’s true there are always those who have a much harder, tougher road than me and my first-world problems. But I firmly believe we all need an outlet as well, and if I write about the triviality of my days a higher percentage of the time I feel it’s me big honest about where I am today and reflects my interests in life. There is room out here for all of us

  2. Once upon a time I use to focus so much of my life on a blog that it became overwhelming. Now I write how I feel that day, sometimes it’s a good deal that I found or maybe a day I spent cooking for the week. Or the laundry I forgot about and left in the washer for two days. Basically its another form of keeping a journal or talking about depression or recovery or just whatever. It’s just me being me. If it gets real bad someone gets a text asking if they can talk but truthfully I just like to write and if people want to stop by and say hello and read or comment that’s great or if you don’t like that my blog is no longer strictly about debt and trying to get ahead well that’s ok also since there are plenty of blogs out there for that. I guess its just a place to be me.

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