So I’m starting down a new path with diet, one of protein shakes and salads. Kind of ugh. But I know I have to go draconian with myself to kick-start my metabolism and my lazy, reflexive eating habits, so we are off to the races.

Essentially, I’m doing meal replacement shakes for 2 meals per day, and salad with a pretty healthy hit of protein for dinner. If I were not working with both a physician and a dietician on this experiment, I would never do it. But I trust my village, far more than I trust myself, and I am willing to give extreme measures a try and see how it works out for me. On top of which, it’s not so bad. I already do a pretty good hit of protein shake with vegetables and berries most mornings, and the lunch shake will give me time to write and still get my coworker walk as well. M has pledged to join me in the meal sized dinner salads, so it will be fine. Who knows? By the end of this latest eating experiment I too may have gone vegan like both RD and trainer J.

Mind wails: but they are young and healthy and lift weights and do all that stuff.

Shut the f**k up, mind. We got this.

So I’m thinking that Sundays will be my day to report on my eating. Unless something weird happens, like blood sugar crashes and I have to majorly modify my plans. The best news about this simple eating plan is no MyFitnessPal, no measuring, no calorie counting. Just eat according to the simple food protocol and report back on Thursdays (to Dr. Spencer) how I am faring with it. Or any other time during the week when it feels appropriate.

Blew of pilates this morning in favor of additional sleep. Work, stress, deadlines, all of the above – I have been shaving sleep A LOT this past couple of weeks. I must do better and get back on track. So I slept late – until 7:45, which is nearly unheard of for me – and am getting domestic chores done this morning for a rare, first-maybe-ever Sunday afternoon gym visit and practice. Since I am pretty sure of what J has planned for tomorrow, leg day is a good choice. I just hope it’s not member-packed in the gym and provides a poor experience.

More I’d like to say, but M is ready to go food shopping so I’ll likely return later and catch up on the rest of my Sunday.

Happy Sunday everyone!



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