So fun new fact about me: exercising in the afternoon equals disaster for me. I’m not quite sure why, unless its biorhythms or something. Or my extreme creature-of-habit nature make deviation of this sort impossible. Honestly, conditions could not have been more optimal. The gym was mostly empty – downstairs there were a few teenagers working out quietly and my little room was completely empty. Yet the negative noise in my head would not stop.

The staff were bored, inattentive, completely uninterested in members coming and going. There may have been a manager (or even 2) on duty as well, but I saw them only briefly in passing and they were actually outside the gym when I left.

Stuff like that tends to bug me. Especially since the entry machines have been down awhile and I have to be checked in by the guy on the front desk, who was apparently wandering around somewhere else when I arrived and sitting with his back to me when I left. It was kind of annoying. Probably 98.31% my thing, being there in the afternoon.

The work itself was fine – mercifully short by design and desire. I felt off. My timing felt off. Despite my good intentions of taking care of me, the opportunity cost was high. Mind and body clock were out of sync, and while I would not say the experience was a disaster, it was about as unproductive and painful as any exercise has been in the last year.

Another learning experience and opportunity. I have trained myself to exercise at a certain time of day and stepping outside that realm did not work out for me today. All is not lost, sky is not falling, life continues.

The eating plan, however, is already proving a bit problematic. Low blood sugar this afternoon. It’s been so long since it happened I thought I was just really tired after the workout. No, the 59 reading on my meter says I’m going to have to watch it. I’m not sure why this continues to happen to me, another question for the endocrinologist in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ll monitor closely.

Busy and with work this low-key weekend. Not a terrible way to be, I suppose.

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