I have had a very busy day, and I still have work yet to do tonight. But I also had time after yoga to have a long conversation with a friend once removed (sister of one of of M’s running buddies) who suffers with depression. At his request, I invited her to join me in trying the gentle yoga class, having never taken yoga before. She doesn’t care for it. In her present frame of reference, I expected as much.

She works and lives alone, no children, not much life outside of her job. Frankly, the conversation exhausted me. I mean, I have a fair amount of life packed into my 24 hours per day, and I know I shave sleep regularly to get it all done. But she was describing sleeping 11, 12, 14 hours daily as kind of her normal routine. Trying very hard not to judge, but she lives on junk food, drinks red wine, works most of the time, and essentially lives a very different life.

M gets bouts of depression, and I know others who do as well. To this seemingly extreme degree, though, makes me feel rather unfeeling. I know I am not. I also know I am not a mental health professional or anyone who should be dabbling with trying to diagnose or do help someone in her particular condition.

I discussed the outcome with M, and he agrees that keeping our distance is probably for the best. But I do feel some sympathy for her. With me, though, it always comes back to people need to help themselves. Except it seems like depression debilitates a person from accepting or receiving help.

Despite my very busy day with work and personal priorities, I am also making more effort to take care of myself. My better health quest should not be confined to just physical. The gentle and restorative yoga classes are good for that as well, but it also clears my head. The hot yoga class I took last week and will again this week is more like doing cardio in the gym’s sauna. After that I went and had a skin consultation with an aesthetician. We talked about different techniques to essentially peel the top layer of skin from my face and then she got to work. It was … interesting. It makes me realize I am not much of a traditional girly-girl when it comes to beauty and cosmetics stuff. I have my fair share of hair goo and appliances, but face goo – facial soap, moisturizer, chapstick, sunblock. Not a lot of time required.

Thinking about work and the various tendrils of stuff I have to do this month, I feel so lucky to be in this sweet spot in my career. I love working at the law firm – the people are intelligent and majority are either seasoned professionals or enroute to growing into that realm. My new receptionist has hit the ground running and seems to be a good fit. Fingers and toes crossed he does evolve into a stable, long-term hire.

One of my best self-employment clients just renewed me for another year, having previously agreed to my modest increase in fees and my happily accepting an additional commitment in hours. My other big 5 private clients have all renewed our contracts for another year, so even if the lawyers boot me tomorrow I will continue to be successful in supporting us, although the cost of our health insurance would have me hustling to get more work to cover the lost hours and income.

About half my smaller clients, though – I either need to figure out a way to stay profitable subbing out the work or refer them elsewhere. I am officially tabling that to next week.

From day 3 of this new eating protocol, things are not terrible, bad, or leaving me feeling awful and deprived. I have “cheated” with a fourth meal (piece of fruit, choked down a cheese stick) yesterday. And I need to drink more water.

And tomorrow is Wednesday, which is practice day for Monday’s List. That’s exciting. To quote friend J, I am a simple woman with a simple life, simple pleasures.

Plus he has turned a tiny corner and sounds more like himself. An easily tired version of himself, but good news all the same.

Mish mash posts today, I know. Sort of mirrors a very good and busy day.


2 thoughts on “So …

  1. This isn’t related to this post at all, but just wanted to let you know that I’m still reading your blog regularly and really enjoy it. Often your introspective writing helps me to think of various aspects of my life in ways that I might not think about them otherwise. Wishing you a great day.

    1. Marcela, so nice to hear from you! Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I think about you every time I contemplate kale, remembering what you said about kale we get here being the equivalent of not ripe and therefore less savory that fully mature kale. Trying to build up my nerve to bury it in my morning smoothie. 🙂

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