My recent dietary life of smoothies for 2 meals per day has been a bit of an experiment as well as an eating adventure. One thing that has become a constant, though, is my smoothie cup.

The smoothie cup is a large stainless still travel cup with a lid and a straw. The lid is either blue or red (we have 2 – M rarely uses his so I have claimed it as my own) and the straws are gray or purple. These details are important. They conceal the ugly appearance of my breakfast each morning.

Now, I have learned and adapted and accepted helpful hints from others who have been down or are trudging beside me on the smoothing-drinking pathway. But no one has said a word about the unattractive appearance of a kale or spinach or other greens and berries smoothie. I believe there is no way to make this more attractive to my eye. And while I absolutely know it shouldn’t matter, presentation of food must be a thing or there would never be any garnish on the plate in fancy-smancy restaurants. Just saying.

So I have taken to the stainless steel cup t with the clear but camoflauging colors of top and straw that conceal the ugliness to my eye of that greenish-brownish taupe colored beverage food. I have also refined my ingredient list so it does not come out so thick a spoon is required to eat it.

I know, I know – me and my first world problems.

Other than the ugliness of the actual food blend, it’s not bad. Trainer J recommended a packet or 2 of stevia with the kale to eliminate or at the very least cut back enormously on the kale-ness of the blend. M, friend J, and friend G suggested kale with the spinach for an additional nutrient mix. I. Hate. Kale. But … maybe like this I hide it adequately enough to drink it down.

Second smoothie is easier and more palatable. Chocolate protein, dried peanut butter, banana. Only I tried it all mixed together and it just didn’t work for me. Now I do the chocolate protein powder and PB2 on its own, eat the banana. Dinner is lean protein source – chicken, turkey, fish – and green salad or green vegetables. Relatively simple. Except sometimes I switch dinner and lunch meals, for meetings with clients and such. It makes things more workable.

I have not climbed onto a scale, any scale, in over a week. But I did get bloodwork done last week and results were delivered last night. Everything is normal, including my A1c. However, it’s climbed from 4.5 to 5.6. My staying off medication means this number has to stay less than 7, although with my history I believe he’d start me back first-line oral meds at or above 6.4, and this climb makes me uncomfortably aware of the fluctuations that come from eating too many carbs, sugar, processed food. I cannot outrun my fork, apparently.

So while I don’t meet with my doc until later this month, I am acutely aware of another 90 day window to get this number down into a more comfortable range, like less than farther away from 6.

I knew when I undertook the better health quest the road to wellville was not a straight, simple path. I knew things would not be easy or without its own unique setbacks.

This morning I was doing Thursday’s List and there was a pop in my right shoulder and a shooting pain up my arm (it was not hanging at my side at the time). Yowza! Mandatory rest pause for evaluation. Fortunately whatever it was does not seem serious, and after dropping from 2 bands to 1 and going with lighter weights the balance of the practice. It went okay. Since this was a shoulder-heavy day, the lighter weights and slower pacing seemed appropriate and cautious, not me wimping out and being lazy or slacking. J used a term I haven’t heard in a long time – yellow signal. I believe I was heeding the yellow signal and not the express train to being lazy.

My A1c result is a yellow signal to pull myself together and get consistent about my healthier eating. I really do not want to go back onto diabetes meds, even just the lowest dosage of oral meds. Because even though it is a long way from the injectable insulin and everything else I was taking, I am not ready to go backward. I know it’s something that is likely to may happen to me in the future, but I don’t want it to be right now anytime in 2017. I want that particular “in the future” to be very far, far away.

So I need to do more about my focus on my eating discipline and become gazelle intense about sticking with the program and not giving in to boredom, stress, or the force of habit. Exercise is easier, because I only have to do that once daily. Intermittent fasting is unlikely to work for me, and I have to just find my groove and start working it.

On this Saturday, it hasn’t been that hard. My attention has been focused on domestic choring, specifically deep cleaning the master bathroom, changing bed linens, and basically figuring out why I have such an amazing volume of paper crap on my desk. I rarely read traditional paper books anymore, yet I still manage to have pile of papers all over the place. Majority of it is either filing or shredding, but there were actually a couple of action items in there that required phone calls or emails. Done, done, and done. I do work better with a clean and organized space.

I wonder if I will have better hair days now that I have gone through and discarded hair goo, combs, brushes, and appliances that I no longer utilize. If not, it’s still nice to be minimized down to the comb and couple of hairbrushes that I actually use, rather than a basket full of crap that I have not touched or needed in months. On top of which, how many flat irons and curling wands and irons do I think I need? When my hair was longer, I probably needed a wider flat iron on occasion, and once upon a time I thought I might occasionally like curly or wavy hair. But since I’ve taken off some of the length, lack the patience and skill to use a curling iron effectively and without burning myself repeatedly. Since I am eyeballing cutting off another several inches in length, I am pretty sure I’m safe giving up those extra appliances.

Oh, and I almost forgot – today I was enduring a laundry crisis and had no clean jeans. M’s fault, because he’s been slacking and not washing and drying during the week except for running and gym clothes. So I thought I’d be courageous and brave and open the smaller size box. A favorite pair of jeans I haven’t worn in probably 3 years are now buttoned and resting comfortably on my lower half. These were a favorite pair of old style button down straight leg jeans, and I can wear them again. I cannot even describe the satisfaction that comes with that. It’s even better than giving up larger size pieces that I still love.

Best news this week.


2 thoughts on “Smoothie life

  1. You are so sensible! I like my younger doctors. They like to teach me, even at appointments where most doctors stay for three minutes. My main problems from people is their attitude and diagnosis of my problems–I need prayer not doctors. I leave angry because anger is the only thing that stops their insistence. I am all for herbs, but to tell me to stop taking pills and to start on a weed in my yard is off-putting to me. When I went to the gym six days each week, I was told that was too much. Now that I cannot physically exercise, I am told that the gym is my only hope. Reading a sensible person like you makes me even more sure my way is the best for me.

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