My life is not a mess, but it pacing has been relatively brisk the last few months, particularly the last several weeks. Part of it is my own doing and design, and part of it is just the nature and fluidity of life.

But what does that MEAN, you could possibly be thinking?

My focus in 2016 has been heavily slanted toward my adventures and ongoing health and wellness journey. It’s not at all what I anticipated when I began this blog almost 3 years and 1000+ posts ago, but little in life is truly predictable. This not me apologizing for changing directions, going from mostly non-themed chatting about anything and everything that popped into my head to talking endlessly about exercise and eating strategies and health improvement stuff. But I admit to coming to the conclusion that my better health quest has taken on life of its own in my blogging endeavors.

I like writing about it. I like sharing it here in blogville. However, I am feel the weight of this being my personal blog, where one post I am giving you a training recap and the next day I am venting my spleen about the young whippersnappers at work or talking about shopping.

It is because of that dichotomy, I have come to the conclusion that change must happen.

So coming soon to a browser near you:

Yep, this will be a completely separate blog devoted to my better health quest and all that entails.

This new endeavor does not mean I am or will be abandoning this space anytime soon. I may not be posting as frequently or with such long tomes (thank goodness, they all said in unison), but this space will return to what I originally intended – my safe, and personal, space to sort out my stuff. I will most definitely still be around and writing about the rest of my life and times. But if you’re here to read my perspective on what we did in training or my latest arch nemesis in the gym and instead find me whining about my first world problem of nothing to wear in a closet stuff with clothes, a separate blog on health and fitness is a huge relief.

Once I get the new blog up and running – possibly as early as November or as late as the first of January – my training recaps will be going up there as well as anything and everything else about my better health pursuits. To round out 2016 and well as direct attention to my new gig for those with an interest, I will be posting links to the new blog once I begin publishing training recaps over there. However, since that space will be exclusively devoted to health, exercise, diet and eating, I hope to will have opportunity to explore and encourage guest posts from those in my realm and to highlight aspects of other types of fitness and health going on around me. For example, my son coaches a training group primarily focused on people who have never run a marathon before. M is a retired ultramarathoner and many of his/our friends are still active competitors and racing frequently throughout the year. Friend J and RD have both participated in weight lifting competitions, something I find both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. Trainer J directs my attention to books, articles, even other blogs that I want to write about and/or promote. I meet interesting people doing intriguing things at yoga and pilates and would love to share more of their stories. My experiences as a diabetic and details of things I glean from my medical team may be written in more detail sometime as well. Products – believe it or not I have actually been asked on occasion to try products in exchange for writing an honest review. To date I have declined such offers, because while hugely flattered and more than willing to write an honest review, it seems weird in a personal blog.

No, there are no plans underfoot to sell my soul for a lifetime supply of amazingly tasty but not very good for me protein powder, but there are things I use now that I like and would talk about in a more a dedicated forum. Again, no expert here. If you want to know whether or not something works well or is nutritionally balanced, there are far more credentialed experts out there. If you want to know if I think something tastes good or like soap, I’m happy to share my thoughts and experiences.

Truly, I think my perspective as average middle-aged woman trying to improve her health is my primary (maybe only?) selling point. That and I am not an audience blogger; I write for me and hope you read or find something interesting or useful in my content.

The possibilities to be more direct and (even more) verbose about my fitness endeavors seem endless to me. It’s not a passion or a hobby; this has truly had to become a way of life for me. What you have all been witness to the last 15, 16 months is my accepting that I have to exercise and alter a life of less balanced/less desirable eating habits. I am learning to embrace the reality of that, while feeling its overall challenges become less drudgery and more fascination. In this I feel very average Jane, but I also know I have had to practically reinvent myself to make it this far. Perhaps there are others out there who have more ideas and experiences to share with me, that we can learn from one another. But even if I am some super special special snowflake in all the world, I have enjoyed the process of writing about it, even if I were the only one reading. Looking back, reading posts from this time last year, I marvel at how far I have come and how infinite the road ahead.

And because this is a personal blog, I do not highlight or promote it, never ever plan to monetize it in any way, shape, or form. I am presently on the fence about promoting or even attempting to monetize the new blog, because making money from the blog is very low on my list of objectives for writing. However, I like having options, and right now, here, I feel very limited in what I can or am willing to give up for my more defined writing efforts.

As of right now, I have purchased my domain name and gotten the basic shell of a blog started. There is still a lot more to do before official launch. But as I said, hopefully the grand opening will be the first part of November. Not to worry – I will be announcing it all over the place when it finally goes live.

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥

In other news, my daughter and son-in-law are both impacted by recently announced Verizon’s call center closures. While this was a bit of a shock, it is not really much of a surprise considering California’s prohibitively expensive business climate. C and A have made the decision to relocate, because it is a really great opportunity to see/explore/live in another geographic location with the advantage of relocating for jobs and relocation expenses paid. It is definitely a more advantageous to just moving to get away from where they live right now.

M and I are 110% supportive of their decision, so much so that when I read about the closures in the local paper I immediately asked M where he thought they should go from the choices listed. Turns out there were other options available, but nothing is known yet except they are ready and willing to relocate to remain employed. As of right now we are all anxiously awaiting more details on their choices for where they are going and when, whether it is before the holidays or after. In the meantime, they are looking at all their belongings with a very critical eye of whether or not they need to cart it across state lines to their new life. Of more concern is their multitude of pets – moving out of state with several cats and dogs is not ideal under any circumstances. Since I work with a couple of nonprofit pet sanctuaries that care for as well as rehome pets, I have put them in touch to “interview” their cats and dogs so C can be assured they are not going to be lethally injected 5 minutes after she and A leave town. It is hard enough to have to leave the vast majority behind (C’s first kitty will probably go with them no matter what) without worrying about euthanasia. Fortunately their animals are relatively well socialized and get along well with people and other pets, so the likelihood of finding suitable homes seems good.

No matter how positive a spin we strive to put on it, this is a very big change for them and for the rest of the extended family. M and I are pretty laid-back and accepting, but A’s family – Freaking. Out. This sister in mother-in-law-hood is not tactful or measured in her reactions, and she told A that they would never visit because C doesn’t like them as well as expressing her anger that they talked to me about their decision-making process before her and her family, indicating that poor A has been brainwashed by C and her machiavellian parental units. Okay, I’m extrapolating that based on what I was texted while the conversation was happening, but honestly, in my most overwrought emotional state I would never say that to either of my kids, even if I privately suspected it might be true. To be fair to me, I might and probably would state bring up the thought and ugly feelings that come with it when calmer and capable of having a rational discussion.

But the kids are adults and capable of thinking for themselves and making sound decisions. I may wish my daughter were not soon to be living in another state, but planes fly to the locations where they could end up every single day. In my most selfish, I view this as another opportunity for M and I to expand our choices for vacation destinations.

Primarily, I want the kids to be happy. They both like their jobs, enjoy the work they are doing, the promotions and advancement opportunities they are chasing. Corporate ladder-climbing is not for everyone – been there, done that, bought and shredded the damn t-shirt – but for them at this point in their lives it is work they enjoy and allows them to pursue personal objectives simultaneously. All good. Living in another state is an opportunity to expand their horizons and see what life is like elsewhere in the US. I mean, it’s not like they are moving to Dubai or Bosnia; they are talking about Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, Florida. Each has its drawbacks – hot and humid immediately come to mind – but probably not terribly different or unsafe.

So … change is coming. I’m both very excited and a little apprehensive, but change is inevitable and resistance is futile. I am well armed with big girl capris and ready to step forward into a brave new world.

Now, if I can only find enough bigger blocks of time to make it all happen ….

4 thoughts on “Not quite goodbye, but change is in the works

  1. Wow! Like you, I would miss my adult kids and their families but would support their choices. We are blessed that they live 2 miles and 10 miles from us now and we see the grandkids very often. We would miss them so much! Wishing the best for their next adventure.

    1. Susan, thanks so much! I’ll miss them terribly – they and my son/daughter-in-law both live about 10 miles from us now and we get together regularly. No grandchildren now and none planned into the future, so M and I are happy that we live in a world with Facebook and text and smart phones. Wherever they land, we’ll make it work.

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