Tuesdays I work from home, typically on my own private client work. But as has been happening the last few weeks, I also combine it with my need to get personal stuff done as well.

Today it was gym, car to the dealership, Costco for some additional outdoor lighting and food, then an eye exam. I had hoped to get a chunk of work done this afternoon, but of course it didn’t happen. Gym was fantastic – went through last Thursday’s upper body in the big boys’ room with minimal anxiety and stress. Car went to the dealership, only it was not the mileage point I was expecting. But not worries; it was done earlier than anticipated.

The eye exam became the great black hole that sucked away my productivity day. I like our new optometrist – he’s a hip younger guy that is both very personably and geeky smart. But one of his technicians has been working there for several years and has come to know M and I quite well. He’s become quite serious about weight lifting and we had a long, long conversation about his training, my training, what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, etc. Then M came back from wandering (we were at the mall) and we got onto supplements. The technician is a super nice guy; I told M we needed to invite he and his girlfriend over sometime with trainer J and friend J and anyone else I can think of who dwells in this weight training world.

The point is, by the time we were done there and then driving across town to retrieve my car, it was almost 6, almost a typical workday. And I had really gotten no work-work done. Thankfully there are no pressing deadlines or anything else this week, but still … feeling a bit like a slacker.

Still, it was productive getting personal stuff done. Eye exam, done. Car maintenance, done. Household projects, done. And of course sticking with my exercise consistency.

Talk today on several fronts about vacation has me thinking about it. Maybe a staycation next month for Thanksgiving week? Not sure yet. It’s a short week anyway and all expectations are that the office will be very quiet, with probably 3/4 of the staff taking the week off to see their families, etc. I may just be on call or working from home; I will continue to think about it and decide as the holiday gets closer.

So kind of a boring, so-so productive day. Not everyday gets to be gloriously big on ticking off items on my to-do lists. My car, after 3 years and 30K on the odometer, remains in pristine condition. After chatting with our optometrist technician, I am feeling ridiculously excited about returning to my Lists series tomorrow. How awesome is it for me to have him talking about stuff he is doing and not only recognize the names but the hows and whys of the exercise. Granted he’s probably moving several times more weight than I am, but at least I knew what he was describing, recognized the same teachings and cues I have learned from J, and can now speak from experience about my own journey. He had not heard of Scott Abel, and I suggested he look into his books and social media postings. That was kind of cool; trainer J influence knows no boundaries. Plus my vision is stable, my eyes healthy, and I have insurance, so the cost of service was not as horrific as it has been in the past, even with insurance.

All good things.


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