M has been sidelined for a couple of months with a groin pull of some sort. By “sidelined” I mean he’s running 2 to 3 miles per day versus the 20+ miles per day he had been running over the summer. Because of this, thoughts have been turning to alternative ways for cardiovascular exercise.

In our garage we have an elliptigo that I bought used a few years ago. It’s a wonderful machine, except at the time we got it for me, I was in not in shape enough to ride it comfortably for any length of time and felt my outdoor exercise crazy (eerily similar to my brand of gym crazy) overwhelm any and all desire I felt to actually use it. The elliptigo has mostly sat ever since.

This weekend it’s going out to the bike shop for maintenance and service and M will be taking it out and about for longer stretches of movement. It is finally time for him to accept that he is healing slowly and consider alternative methods of exercise besides his long distance running.

We are also heading off this weekend to look at electric bikes for me. I’m unconvinced this is something I wish to invest in, because I can easily imagine it sitting in the garage gathering dust. But maybe not. Things are certainly different now; I am far stronger than I was even a year ago. But ready to go off on biking adventures? Not sure.

However, friend J will soon be landing and planting himself in my guest room and then his own place nearby, and in a past version of himself was an avid (read: crazed fanatic, addicted) cyclist and still likes to jump on his bike and ride 20 miles to have lunch and then ride home. M is up for it, actually looking forward to getting out on his bike  (or the elliptigo) more often for such excursions in the future. M believes the electric bike could be a decent (if expensive) compromise that will increase my willingness to go out and about with biking friends. Yet I still find the idea of me going to the gym, coming  home to shower, work a bit, and then driving my car down to meet them sounds far more appealing an alternative. Yep, lazy slacker here.

But I am willing to at least investigate and evaluate the possibilities. If I get really enthusiastic about the idea I may even go so far as rent one for the weekend to test drive it. Right now, though, it’s almost impossible for me imagine getting bitten by the cycling bug. Stranger things have happened, though.

Is it negative girl’s influence or just (a few) poor experiences with bicycle seats and sore bums? I mean, if I think I have done soreness-inducing work to my glutes with the leg Lists as recently as this morning, and I clearly remember biking experiences and being uncomfortable sitting for days afterwards as far worse than this stuff.

Maybe it won’t be so bad. Maybe an electric bike could change my life. While open minded about the possibility, I’m also sort of lukewarm on the idea of biking right now, electric or otherwise. I have sold former bikes I’ve owned for good reasons, i.e., they never left the garage. An electric bike seems like a large chunk of change to ride casually a couple of times per week, and the idea of me commuting on it will shorten M’s life with worry about my crashing (assuming I could take bike trails) or getting hit by cars (assuming I had to ride on the streets). There are many, many tales of my biking mishaps through the years, a lot of skinned up limbs and small scars to memorialize my clumsiness, so his concerns are not unfounded.

To that, though, I think I am showing signs of clumsy recovery. It’s been awhile since I have needed bandaids, although now that I have written that here I’ll either cut myself or fall down and skin some body part. Or worse.

Such negative girl prognostication – jettisoned. Never to darken my thoughts, well, hopefully not again anytime soon.

I am far more of an exercise bad ass than the last time I rode a bike. I can do single-legged stuff now without falling over immediately. Anxiety about bike crash potential just needs to be banished along with negative girl.

Surprisingly, not so difficult anymore. Progress.

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